This is my least favorite part of the Haiti Adventure.

Last night I got to hang out with JJ, Moise, Vladimy, Djemima and Leica on the picnic table while the little ones were getting ready for bed.  We had fun teasing each other and talking about our full names rather than the names that we use to talk to each other.  They thought it was funny that I had two middle names and when they tried to figure out what my nickname would be they were shortening Kathleen to Kath.  That’s a new one but hey, I am pretty much game for anything.  We took the kids up on the roof a little later on.  JJ had flannel pajamas on!!!!!!!!!!!  I was sweating just looking at him!

After the older kids headed in for the evening we had story time with Karen (one of my favorite times).  Mariah and I are trying to convince her to write the book (Mariah wants the first half to be about her, we figured that is probably a good idea 😛 ).

We all were able to get a fairly good sleep last night because it had been raining which drove everyone in the surrounding areas inside for the evening.  (There was one cow that was mooing at me but I put him in his place).  I swear I get a better sleep in Haiti than I do at home.  I might have to record the chickens, goats and cows tonight so I can ensure a good sleeps until the next time I am here hahahahaha.

Today we prayed with all of the kids before they went to school.  You should hear the children pray.  This morning Jofky age 4 and Jonathan age 2 did the praying.  Then off to Devotions with the staff.  All of us visitors got a chance to thank the staff and share about our week in Haiti.  There were definitely some tears.  I told them how after being here twice I finally got a chance to bring my Dad to the Country I have completely fallen in love with (yeah you guessed it, that is when I had the water works just a flowing).

Morning devotions with employees


Morning devotions

Germaine made Haitian styled eggs for breakfast (I swear her cooking will make me gain 6000 pounds!!!! It is SO GOOD!!!).

Mariah has been teaching some of the girls from the school a dance for flag day which I believe has been blogged about already.  Today however Tifi, Sandra and Jonathan were watching with me.  The little ones were trying to do the dance as well.  Too precious!!

For lunch we had Tuna Melts!!!! Germaine is the only person who can successfully get me eating Tuna hahaha.  After we went and hung out with the kids.  It is really nice to be able to spend so much time with them before we head out.  Today was report card day, which was not so good for some but Mr. Ti Luckner has achieved a 6!!!!!!!  We could not be more proud of that young man.

We are proud of Ti Luc

Tonight we tentatively scheduled to go to Radio Creole, so we need to prepare some songs (the Haitians should prepare their ears because if I am singing this is not going to go well hahahahahaha).

Radio Creole Hour


Fun time at Radio Creole


Mariah did a great job as announcer tonight. She is a natural.

It has been amazing though.  I have loved being able to meet the Newfoundland team members!  They are hilarious and cannot wait to see how they apply their experiences to their world back home.  Shout out to Mariah!!  (Who I finally got to meet)  Thank you to Karen and Luckner for letting us come in and be a part of your family here in Haiti, you are such a blessing!!  Thank you to all of the parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and children and friends who have supported all of us.  We have had a blast and would not have been able to have this experience without your support.  I could go on saying thanks for days!!  Most of all though the praise, and glory goes to God. He has ensured our safety through and through on this entire journey to Haiti.  He has made such a beautiful country with such beautiful children, and I am so grateful that he put the right people in my life so that I could end up experiencing all that Haiti and HATS has to offer.

As we wrap up our week I honestly cannot think too much about leaving without bawling.  This is not ‘goodbye’ but rather this is a ‘I will see you very soon’.