Thought you might like an update on the newest little ones here at HATS. That is Sonson the youngest and his brother Markenson. I say that Markenson is Sonson’s brother because he really is his biological brother. They only arrived here at the beginning of October this year. The family was not able to continue to care for them, so their father brought the boys to Karen’s door. They came down from the mountains where so many live in dire poverty. Karen’s hope for all the children here is that they will grow and learn and be able to make a change in this beautiful country Haiti.



Sonson with Mama

Both boys were not well when they arrived but even in these few short weeks with regular meals, medicine and lots of love they are really thriving. Markenson looks out for his little brother and loves to wheel him around on the bike making sure he is included. Neither of them is too sure about the whole getting your picture taken thing.


It is hot in Haiti and some afternoons it is especially so. One of these really hot afternoons, out came the Slip and Slide. This was the little ones first experience and they took to it like ducks to water, at least Markenson and Magdala did. Sonson needed a little encouragement from his big brother Moise.





Moise helps Sonson

My favorite moment this week was just before school on Wednesday. That would be at 7:20 when the kids came calling because they wanted to pray together before heading off to school. Usually this is done with Mama but she was not available so we formed the circle and thanked God for the day.

Today is our last Sunday here for awhile so we had special snacks thanks to Carol, our friend from Montreal. She was with us last year at this time in Haiti and fell in love with the kids. We will miss them and Karen and Haiti with all its beauty.

Because It Is All About the Kids

PS: If you thought we were lost or something in the last number of days, we have been without internet. We paid the bill, honest! Plan B is to call tomorrow and see what’s up, is it us or is the region having problems.