You know the old saying about laughter being the best medicine…well it sure is true here at HATS. There is lots of laughter and silliness to help make the day pass because there is lots of hard work to be done to get the everyday stuff of living done.

Culling rice for supper

The rice has to be gone over with a fine tooth comb before cooking it as it has tiny rocks in it because it was dried by the side of the road before going to the rice mill. And if you want beans with that meal they have to be looked at too and then there is the sauce to prepare so you have to grind the spices for that and chop the onions. Did you say you wanted chicken with that? Well that has to be killed and plucked and cut up and then cooked so you can see why it takes so long to make a meal. Thank goodness the tomato paste for the sauce is in a can!

So after all that you need a laugh. So you play hockey and……

Jonathan the next Bruce Springsteen!

And …

Playing games brings a smile from TiFi


TiLuc, Judel and Jonathan are up to something


Trip to Papa’s brings lots of smiles


Josie and Karena are budding hairstylists, Dieunel and TiLuc their willing subjects

So the day goes and there has been lots of smiles in amongst all the work that makes Hats a great place to grow up.

Because…It is all about the kids!