We have arrived!   The wait was endless, but I was so excited.  The first thing I saw when I arrived was a beautiful sign made by the kids to welcome us back.  Then I was given a big group hug that almost toppled me over.  There are two new faces in the group – adorable little boys.  I am so happy to be back, I can’t believe it’s real.

Our sign maker – Dieunel.

Last night, we arrived late due to our missing luggage so we didn’t do much but say hi and eat then straight to bed. I woke up at 5am with the roosters then just laid in bed but did not manage to get back to sleep as it was too noisy. But I would take the noise any day verses the snow in Calgary.

Just arrived.

Lots of work was done today by Liette and her two assistants for that job, Joan and Keith.  Grades 1,2, 3, 4 and 5 had letters and photos done.

Liette off and running with Grade One.


Gr 1’s on their way for letters and photos.

A class of 11 Rheto students who are being educated outside of HATS school, IMKH, due to HATS not yet offering the Rheto class came and did their photos and letters as well.

Secondary – Rheto students.

Today was great for me!  I got to keep track of all the little ones and the ones who stayed home from school. What a task to keep all of them entertained. I also got to meet the new HATS darling, Sonson.  He is the cutest little guy – I hope I can make it through customs with him in my suitcase. We started out with a bit of colouring and soccer and finished with some new hairdos for me and more soccer.

Liette with our youngest

Then comes my favorite part: the Slip and slide.  It’s so nice to be in the cool water and those kids do the craziest things. Not all of them understand the process so some walked and some crawled.  And of course there’s Magdala, the water baby  who wanted to run and splash continually.  She cried every turn that wasn’t hers.

Leica enjoying the slip and slide


Jofky’s turn on the slip and slide

Then more soccer.  Boy am I tired!  Keith and Joan, the missionary couple, said they got tired just watching me. Finally for dinner, we had Haitian spaghetti which is way better than Canadian.  I’m hoping for Haitian oatmeal tomorrow.  Good night!

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