Springdale Haiti Team Leader Emma, with lots of enthusiastic help from husband Don and other Team members and friends, arranged a “Meet and Greet “ fun evening for Karen and Ti Luc for Thursday, Aug. 19th, at Grace United.  Although there are so many summer activities attracting attention, a large group met at the church to see Karen and Ti Luc.  After a  couple short videos depicting life at HATS Orphanage / Children’s Village , the audience were treated to a talk by both Ti Luc and Karen and a singing duet by Emma and Ti Luc.

As a follow-up, everyone moved to a downstairs hall which had appropriate decorations, lots of Newfie assorted treats, and a few surprise activities and visitors, mixed in with the wonderful music and song of the  quartet of Kelly, Clint, Graham, and Steve, and assistant drummer Ti Luc  –  overall, a fantastic NL “Kitchen Party”.

Enjoying time with his friends st Newfie kitchen party


Playing the cajon with the band


With a special and sweet team member

Suddenly, with out announcement, appeared three ‘mummers’ to add to the fun atmosphere.  Though characteristic of such parties in the Christmas Season, mummers have been known to also appear in any season, and they did so here in tribute to their Haitian visitors and they did get many others out  ‘ on the floor ‘ to the lively music.

Enjoying time with mummers

Soon occurring was another very important milestone in Ti Luc’s life, being dubbed an Honorary Newfoundlander and Labradorian in an excellent “ Screech In (Purity Syrup ) Ceremony by his Uncle Bob, assisted by Emma.

The codfish for to Luc was actually a caplin


Being dubbed an honorary Newfoundlander. Now he says he is a ‘real Newfie’

Thursday saw Karen and Ti Luc and their group of nine others do the 3-hour drive to Twillingate to attend an evening Concert by the renowned 22-Year long career of the seven ladies band, “The Split Peas”.  There, too, some mummers appeared.  After the excellent Concert, Ti Luc and full Party were guests of the “Peas” in Eleanor and Alf Manuel’s home, another continuation of the finest  of NL hospitality.  Friday was the return day to Springdale.  An happening very worthy of note was the very close observations of a blue whale (the biggest animal that has ever inhabited the earth) by Todd, Bob, and Elaine who had boated to Twillingate to meet with the rest of us of the Concert.

At Split Peas concert


More Special people at Split Peas concert
Dancing with one of the mimmers

Saturday, Captain Ti Luc inspired by those whale encounters and stories, took Todd ( the boat owner ), Bob, and Karen out off Springdale in Hall’s Bay to view the scenery and various sea life, though no whales today.

With his auntie Elaine

Best wishes to Mama Karen in her week-long ‘Retreat’ in Rocky Harbour in Gros Morne National Park ( a World Unesco Site ) , and to Ti Luc residing behind with Leader Emma and husband Don, and friends.