Wow.  Another great team has come and gone.  All members on this team were from Newfoundland – Springdale (my home town) and one lady from Grand Falls.

They worked very hard before they came and also while they were here.  Under the leadership of Emma O’Rouke they did a fantastic amount of fundraising in hopes of ‘helping’ HATS to purchase a new generator.  Well they did nmore than ‘help’, they raised enough money to buy a generator and to have someone come out from PAP to  install it.  The old one has served us well for more than ten years, but is very tired and worn out as well as too small to do the job that is necessary.  While Emma and assistant group leder, Don, were here one year ago somehow they received some incorrect information as to the cost of a new generator for HATS.  Emma decided they should try to raise the sum they had been told.  That figure, however, was less than a third of what was actually needed and of what, with accurate information on the cost, they actually did raise for HATS.  With an awesome team effort and with the great support of the people in Newfoundland they actually raised more than $22,000 for a new generator for the mission.

Good things coming up

While here, despite the intense heat and humidity, they continued to work hard doing anything and everything that needed to be done.  A lot of small jobs that were very important to Karen were taken care of.

Photos of the team members:

Trusty team leader ready to start her day in the sun


Two ‘grown’ men on two little ‘timeout’ chairs


Emma – a second mama to Ti Luc


Jenny – Karen’s energizer Bunny ready for church before leaving before airport


Lacee with two sunburned knees. Ready for church and then airport


Joanne ready to leave with the team


Jerry and Ti Luc. Arm wresting and soccer buddies


Todd – Newly hired security agent


Don helping move a huge sack of rice


Alycia – not doing so well on her last morning


Me and me wonderful brudder – on the roof of the mission house

Thank you for all the work you did team.  Thank you for all the time spent with the children.  (I know that was a difficult task. LOL)  Thank you for all the support and encouragement that you gave me.  I appreciate it more than I am able to put into words.  You left yesterday.  You are missed today.  Already looking forward to your return next year.

Blessings to all of you.