Wonderful to see her arrive. Sad indeed to see her leave. She will be back in God's timing. We will be waiting with arms outstretched.


I must admit that if Mariah had not joined me for this Christmas period it would not have gone well. I can no longer do all that I have handled here, by myself, for far too many years. Being here for Christmas without help is no longer an option. I thank God for all that was done in advance by Jocelyn, and with Hope's help. Mariah took over from there and with the two of us it went well.

Measuring food for our Love Gift packages

Preparing for Christmas service

Giving the Christmas baggies when leaving the church

Helping the kids put things together

Ti Fi getting a little help with her stocking

Mummering with her Newfie Grandma

Our precious Jocelyn left for a couple of weeks and our precious Mariah arrived for a couple of weeks. God took care of all the arrangements. This morning Mariah left to return to Canada and also this morning Jocelyn left to return home here to our mission site. Actually we are now excitedly awaiting the arrival of the van with her.

Early morning departure for her other country

Bye precious Mariah

Saying thank you to Roselene and Germaine

Each one of our children liked their lovely Christmas gift donated by Canadians and transported here by Liette and group. A lot of smiles and thank yous were heard. Remote control vehicles, and laughter, are heard every day. A huge thank you to all the people who donated a gift for the children, stocking stuffers, and treats. Greatly appreciated by all of us at HATS-Haiti.

Beautiful sights on early walks

Walking in the am

Sleepover (chatting and giggling) at the Girl’s Home

Dance and play time

Time for tree to go


God bless you all.