We thank the Lord for all that he does and for his continuous provision in so many ways. Until I came to Haiti, though, I thought the phrase “Thank you Lord” was just useful for thanking our Lord, but I’ve realized it can also be used for art and a bit of humor (which still doesn’t take away from the ability to thank our God!). If you’ve been to Haiti you know how religious the country is- there is some sort of religious statement on most vehicles and businesses. There’s a bus around here that has “Thank you Lord” written on the side of it, but underneath the words there is a big shooting missile. I found it slightly humorous, so in my free time last week I recreated it in an art piece I titled, “Thank you Lord with a missile underneath” (Mediums- Paper and Sharpie). And I’ve priced it very reasonably, at a measly cost of $3,287.56(US) and all the proceeds will go to HATS. Here it is….

Thank you Lord with a missile underneath

Seriously, though, Thank you Lord! Jess and I were blessed with the company of our family a few weeks ago! My brother, Saul, Jess’ brother Jordan, her sister Jamie, and our friend Mark came to visit with us and help out with a few projects here. It was a much needed time of fellowship with those we love most, and we made the most of their time here! Before they came, we decided we wanted to shape our time based on The Festival of Shelters in Leviticus 23. It’s a weeklong celebration to honor God, and it’s easy to celebrate with family and friends! We all slept in our gallery together (which we figured was kinda like sleeping in tents!) We had a dance party one night with the kids and a cookout another night; We had a water fight one day; We shared a birthday celebration with Judel and Vladimy; We made funnel cakes because we were missing out hometown’s homecoming; we did a song together at church; and we also went mummering one evening(a Newfoundland tradition Karen taught us- she picked 4 out of 6 of us correctly)! Also, Missionary James brought us along with his team to the beach one day and also on a hike to Verrettes Falls.

Lets dance!




Jordan with the birthday boys


Mummering; can you guess who’s who?




Mark strolling on the beach


The hike to the falls


The falls

On top of all that, we also enjoyed serving together. Jess and Jamie painted the inverter house as the boys got the “Delco House” started, and then we all finished it together. We told the kids we were building another house for an alternate generator, but we were actually building them a big playhouse. Karen didn’t want them to know what it was until it was completely finished so that it could be a surprise to them. As Karen said in a previous blog, we lost the generator for a few days, which meant we quickly lost all of our battery power (including power tools). We had to revert to hand tools. Although, it’s a lot more work, hand sawing a piece of wood always makes you feel like more of a man (even if you’re a woman)!

Jamie and Jess finish the inverter house


The Men


More than one of us usually work, I promise!


Real men


Jess takes a turn


Karena checks our work


Photo for our hometown newspaper

Before our family got here and while Karen was in Canada, it was the hottest it had been since we’ve been here. It wasn’t raining and the sun kept getting hotter! It was pretty miserable at times. We were praying that it would cool off for our family, but actually, only half prayers, because you kinda want those back home to really know what you’re experiencing. God listened to our prayers though! It was beautiful while our family was here. The days were hot, but it rained almost every night which cooled it down tremendously. I think we all used 2 sheets most nights. Now when we go back home and complain, “man, it was so hot in Haiti!” They’re just going to roll their eyes and say under their breath, “doubt it.” Our family had such a great time here with us, serving with us and getting to know the children! HATS will always be a part of Jess and I, and now when we talk about it in the future, we will have people who can talk with us and understand fully!

Unfortunately, our celebration left with our family, because the day they left, Jess got sick. We thank God so much that is over with now, but that was a rough week. We’re so thankful for Karen’s help in getting a nurse here to get Jess an IV in our own home! And we’re thankful for all of your prayers.
Mariah and Liz came while Jess was sick so we missed out on their first few days, but we’ve quickly realized what wonderful people they are and we’re excited to have them here with us. We had a good time in fellowship last week when they came up to our place for chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.

Over the past few weeks, Jess and I haven’t gotten a lot done work wise. Partly because Karen told Jess to take a lot of time to rest, but also because a lot of the construction stuff is done and school doesn’t start until October now. I realize now, that I may have worked too hard while Karen was gone in Canada. I got all of my projects done and now I’m just left with some small paint jobs (that I will be sharing with Jess and Mariah). I’m sure that won’t be the case for long, Karen is good at working stuff up! This is the first slow period I’ve had since I’ve been here. Last week, I did fix some small repairs around the compound and I built a small dresser for Jess and I’s room. Saturday, Jess and Mariah spent the afternoon getting the kids new shoes and underwear, and fitting them for swimsuits.

JJ waiting for his shoes


Is this the right size


Djemima, Josie and Ismyis wait patiently


They’re ready for the beach!

Karen gave us Monday off because it was my birthday! Jess asked me what I wanted and I told her I wanted to go to Six Flags- She said no. Then I asked for Olive Garden- and again she said no. Then I asked for a Dr. Pepper and she said we could share one (We did share one, but not because she said we had to). We’ve realized that it’s kinda tough to make things special in Haiti because of the lack of ability to go somewhere or get certain things. Jess did a great job though and made me a wonderful dinner that evening- Sweat and sour meatballs, [Editors note – I think Seth meant sweet and sour…but it has been hot in Haiti so I left it as written] potato wedges and garlic bread! We also went swimming at the hospital pool that day and I had my NFL fantasy draft that night with all my friends back home! One of the best gifts was the next day, though. We got to go with Karen to St. Marc on a bank run. We love going because its a sort of a date for us because Karen drops us off at the Deli Mart which has a fast food restaurant above it. We got bacon cheeseburgers and fries and they even had Dr. Pepper (which is the first time we’ve seen it here) so Tuesday we didn’t have to share! It was such a blessing, because our “dates” typically don’t involve leaving the house!

I know Karen has already talked highly of Luckner’s radio station, Radio Creole, and I must do the same. It has brought a lot of good to the community and I was more than happy to hear that another person came to Christ through it in the past few days! Another thing it has done is heighten discussion on Voudou and Christianity. Because of that, Karen invited Luckner to come and talk with all of our employees yesterday. It was an encouraging and insightful thing for all who were there yesterday and I pray that more people will be able to gain understanding and life through the radio station! I ask that you pray for the radio station and also for this place, that we will always be growing in our relationship in Christ, which will also strengthen our light to those around us and to the world!
God bless you and enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Jump for joy


Moise why aren’t you jumping




Karena, Jamie, and Djemima


Jofky, Saul, and Anne


Tifi and Jofky playing baseball


Jordan, Judel, Diunel and Jofky


Lizard class


Ann just finished her candy


Jofky too!


who’s going to win?


Jordan with the kids