I truly have no idea what I would have done in the month of January if you had not come and given me three weeks of awesome help. If Haiti problems had kept you from coming to HATS I hate to think how I would have survived.  God knew how badly I needed you and he made it happen.

You worked hard and long in the heat. You took care of everything on the ‘Dickie and Jim Do List’ and also on the ‘Sandra Do list’.  You then started on other things not on the lists.

Through it all you were a tremendous support to me. I was encouraged in every way and manner possible.

The laughter was awesome medicine and I received the very large doses I needed.

You are family. You are friends. You are fantastic. Thank God you are also foolish.

It is always a joy to see your suitcases arrive but oh so difficult to see them leaving the compound. We will be waiting for you next year.

Early morning departure from HATS for the great country of Canada once again


Sadly she has to leave as well as those two special men


Loading van outside HATS compound


Go with God to that other world of Canada. You will be back. We will be waiting always


Policeman Daniel going to airport too as security

May you be richly blessed by the Lord as you have blessed me and the others here at HATS.