Thank you to everyone who responded to my last blog giving prayer support, encouragement, and saying you will be helping financially. Thank you, too, to those who posted my blog on facebook to help get the message out.

Thank you also to the Western Star in Newfoundland and to reporter Diane Crocker for the article she has already done.  Diane saw the blog and got in touch with me.  One more thank you is going to CBC Radio St. John’s and to Francesca Swann for contacting me to do an interview on Monday, 28th, with Angela Antle for CBC’s Radio Noon.

Thank you to these two news medias in Newfoundland for reaching out to this Newfie in Haiti – wanting to help get the SOS news out.

Tomorrow morning I will be picking up a team who will be with me for a week.  Half of the team are coming from a Baptist Church in NL and the other half from a Baptist Church in NB.  It is going to be a good week.  They are coming to help and help they will.  I know, they will also thoroughly enjoy fun with the children, and maybe even want to put one of the little ones in their luggage when they leave.  I am looking forward to having adult company conversing in English.  Yeah!!!

I had planned on warning the group before their arrival that I am not ‘as up to snuff as is normal for me’.  I am still doing everything but at a slower pace.  Nine days ago, while crossing the street to our bank in St. Marc, a motorcycle and I collided in the middle of the street.  I was not the winner.  I went down hard on the pavement and a pregnant lady who was on the back of the moto fell down on top of me.  The moto driver got out of there in a hurry leaving both of us on the ground.  He knew he had been driving very fast and not paying attention, so chose the escape route.  Daniel, our police security, searched the area for him, to no avail.  I will admit to saying  thank you to God more times than I can count.  It could have been a lot worse.

I am fine, already healed from most of the bruises on my body.  I am, however, still laughing at what a sight it must have been for anyone who was watching.  A white lady, in the midst of a lot of chocolate people, is hit by a moto, goes splat on her stomach, even hitting her face on the cement, and a very pregnant lady falls from the back of said moto directly onto her.   It must have been a comical sight.

The children have shown me they are very happy that their mama is healing as they wanted and needed their hugs and more fun play time.  No doubt they will be blessed double fold in that area during the next week with eight people here to give it.

The students know the team is coming.  They, too, are eagerly waiting to have time with them at church on Sunday and at school on Monday.

I know I talk about children a lot, but that is what HATS-Haiti is allabout.  I am here for the children.  Teams come for the children.


You will be hearing from the team members starting tomorrow.

Blessings everyone.