Thank you Don and team – Emma, Catherine, Jennifer, Jocelyn, Alcyia, Julie, Robyn, Brittany and Melissa.

Team before bus ride to the mission

You were a great team with a wonderful leader, Don, known here at HATS as ‘our own Misye Komik’.

Thank you all for coming. Thank you for all your fundraising efforts during the past year, and in some cases, for a few years. Thank you for your acceptance of HATS, of our very valuable assistant director, who wears multiple hats as well, of Mariah, of all employees, of our children, of the school students and teachers, and of the Haitian culture which is very different than Canada’s. Thank you for your acceptance and your loving kindness to our very own Ti Luckner. He has been asking about you since you left. Emma he has asked for you every day.

Anne with godmother, Emma

Thank you for coming to help. Thank you for jumping in where and when needed. You touched the lives of people here and I hope, and I pray, that your lives have been touched in some way.

Catherine with child sponsored by Grace United Church AOTS

Thank you for being a great group of Canadians and, especially dear to my heart, for being such a fantastic bunch of Newfies. I am a Newfie and dearly proud to be one.

Judel with his godmother, Jennifer, and the pastor


Mirlande with godmother Jocelyn


Dieunel with godmother Alycia


Julie, Melissa, and Emma


Brittanie with Josie & Ti Fi


Robyn, Emma & Ti Luc

Thank you to Mariah too, who was a fantastic help to me, as well as to the team.

Karena Mariah with godmother, Mariah

May the Lord bless you all as you fit back into a world that is so very different than the one you experienced here.

Off the bus and heading into airport to head home