It is amazing how much can be done in a week. You guys did a fantastic amount of work while with us and still had bonding and fun time with the children. It was good to see you come and difficult to see you leave. Thank you for all your hard work in the heat and humidity. Sorry Jon that you picked up the cold germs from my kids just as Jim and Dickie did while here.

You arrived to find Kay Timbrmart construction nicely finished but inside and out still a grey cement. You left with the inside of that house all painted with beautiful colours, which makes it a joy to walk into. Thank you for a job well done. However a slight disappointment Aimee and Cherie as neither of you took over Cheryl’s job of providing entertainment by running across the compound in shorts and bra with your head and body covered in paint. Maybe next time.

Timbrmart House


Living room of Timbrmart House in blue


Jon doing Magalie’s room in green


Brian painting Mirlande & TiFi’s room pink


Cherie doing the room for Josie & Ismyis in pink too


Aimee, Jon and Cherie doing ceilings

As well you, as a group, took care of several other things for us – plumbing, repairs, preparing pay envelopes, giving cholera vaccine, assembling furniture, helping Haitian govt employees administer medication to our school students, etc.

Assembling furniture


Moving furniture to missionary house


Batteries for inverter


Cherie – doing payroll envelopes


Govt health workers getting help from workteam with meds to students


Cholera vaccine

I finish with a photo of the Timbrmart team and children. HATS is ‘All About The Children’ and you shared your love and affection with all of them. Thank you.

Team and kids

A huge Thank You from all of us at the mission to all Timbrmart businesses who so very kindly donated funds for the new Children’s Home which very soon will house our girls. May God bless you all.