It is very difficult to express the thankfulness in my heart for Beate.  Having someone return year after year in the summer heat and humidity to help and to support.  At the same time accepting life in Haiti, and at HATS, helping anywhere and everywhere possible, is one of the best gifts a person can give.

It was great to see you enter the compound again Beate.

First one to reach Beate was Ti Luc


Beate happy to be back with us

Having that person willing to change flight reservations, no matter the cost, and stay longer when they see a real need is a bonus to the already huge blessing.  I thank you Beate from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for being a great team leader, for putting the team together and being flexible with the other gifted/giving people who came with you, to enable them to be a huge blessing to the children.

First sewing instructions from the master


Computer Club kids working away while teacher gets to rest her back

You spent a lot of time playing with the children when I was unable to do so.  Thank you.  I am, once more, enjoying lots of fun times with them myself.  Want to let you know the computer club is continuing to work away.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, we plan to get the sewing machines out and do a little sewing again.  Both skills learned this summer are greatly appreciated.

Skipping rope fun

You have always been a gem with both Ti Luc and Ti Fi, as well as the rest of the children.  Thank you.

Precious Ti Fi


Bedtime story with Ti Luc


Giving and receiving love

We are back to walking every day and loving the fun times together but you are sorely missed.

Our daily walks are not the same without Beate

The time came when you had to leave us – you had too much booked at home to change your ticket again.  Saying bye to loved ones is never easy and it was not easy for you or for any of us..

Bye Jonathan and Judel.


Beate you cannot leave

Luckner and I also found it difficult to say Bye and let you go.

Arrival at airport to return to Canada


Bye Luckner

We are already looking forward to your return.

May God continue to lead and guide you Beate every step of the way.  Continue to walk with Him and He will do just that.

With love from all of your HATS family.

~Karen and gang