Thank you to the Texas part of our HATS-Haiti family.

Thank you David, Brooks, Julie and Joanna for returning to be with us.  Thank you David for bringing four new ones with you – Milford, Claire, Kyle and Morgan. I think we now have four more members added to our HATS family.  Thank you to all eight who made up the team and worked hard while here.  What a team they were.  Knowledgeable, experienced, willing to try anything and everything, and a lot of fun to boot.  Does not get much better than that.

Our kids did a welcome sign


Brooks writing the blog and David enjoying his grandson Jonathan


Julie, Morgan, Claire and Joanna


Pillowcases were made especially for each child by Brooks’ mother, with scripture verse


Brooks in fine form as usual


Magdala enjoying the show


Total fascination in Brooks’ magic show for them


The girls know how to work


Claire and Karen at Radio Creole


Enroute to airport


Saying bye to a great part of our HATS family

Y’all come back now!

~Karen and gang