Leader David, Brooks, Ryan, Joanna, Molly and Julie. Thank you for coming back, for coming for the first time, for working on whatever needed to be done, for loving on my kids, and for all the supplies you brought with you.Thank you to Brooks for doing the blogging. My daughter, Dana, who was here in December is the winner of the title “Best Female Blogger” and Brooks is the winner of “Best Male Blogger”. Great job done by both of you. Brooks, don’t forget Luckner has a spot for you on the radio when you come back.

The Children’s Home now has a bigger and better laid out kitchen. The ladies who work with the children, as well as all the children, are very happy with the renovations. David and his team members, and Seth and Jessie, saw that it was beautifully finished after the cement work by the masons was done. They enjoy telling me it is nicer than my kitchen now. They need it. They deserve it.

Renovated kitchen at kay Margo


Serving area of kitchen

Thanks to the team the school office is also looking good. The rest of the school painting will be done later, by another team, after the elementary section has been finished and paint funds have been raised to do so. Little by little things are getting done onsite.

School Office painted by team

Recently Mariah and I were blessed by a visit from two Canadians who work with the Embassy in Port au Prince. It was delightful to have them with us for a short time and to share what HATS is doing in the Artibonite Valley. We wish to thank them for taking the time to visit with us.

Jonathan with Gaelle from Can Embassy


Edward Cashman (Can. Embassy) with Sandra


Thank you for helping make it so.