Thank you to the Texas team who left us on Tuesday.   They came as a ‘workteam’ and they worked.  They also played, loved on the kids, laughed a lot (can’t not laugh with Brooks around),  did radio air time, and enjoyed time with kids at school.  They were a great team!!

Sara – it was her first time in Haiti.  Thank you, Sara, for coming, accepting, and helping everywhere you could.  Our kids are not the only ones who came to love you, so did the rest of us.


Jennifer and Jake – need to put them together because God did that last July.  They are individuals but are also one.  They both put all of themselves into helping in every way possible.  It was a second time for Jennifer but a first for Jake.   Thank you Jenn and Jake for all you did.  Despite the joking about you two and your PDA I must say it is nice to see ‘love’ for each other.

Jennifer and Jake

Julie – second time for her too.  Julie, thank you too for what you did for HATS  I, however, am also saying a huge thank you for the iPad for Ti Luc.  Thank you for  the tender loving care you put into buying it, all the apps on it, and the funds to add more in French. This is fantastic for him.  He is using it every day and can do so without any help from me.  He truly is one smart little cookie.


Brooks, the comedian, the singer, message giver in church, the man who makes things disappear and reappear, Jofky’s godfather, and friend to all – children and adults.  Never a dull moment with Brooks around.  This was Brooks’ third trip.  He will go to great lengths to entertain us.  The first time he came to HATS he entertained us up to the moment he was leaving for the airport by taking a fall in complete darkness into the ti canal next to the mission compound.  Thank you, Brooks, for everything.


David – the fearless leader.  Without his leadership we would not have the yearly Texas teams.  David organizes, fundraises, plans, prays, sings, paints, enjoys the children on site and at the school.  Thank you, David, for continuing to lead teams to HATS.

David – team leader

Thank you to all six of you.  Thanks for all your support in many ways, for your acceptance and special friendship with Ti Luc, and for your awesome encouragement to me.  It means more than I can say.

IT  IS  ALL  ABOUT  THE  CHILDREN.  Thank you for helping to make it thus.