Thank you for coming.  Thank you for working on the top of the house in direct sunlight – no shade whatsoever.  Not only working like this, but without any complaints.  No complaints from the two young ones or from those middle age and onwards.  You were a great group.

Thank you too for all the awesome supplies that came with you.  I went upstairs today expecting to find a few things to sort out and bless people with.  Mezanmi!!  Oh my goodness!!   I found two beds FULL as well as half the floor space.  Many people in the area will indeed be blessed.  I must admit that I was surprised as well to find all the things you brought beautifully organized and laid out so nicely for me to go through.  This was done by a team of men!! Surprise indeed!  You not only do roofing and sing well.  I have to admit that I double checked with Germaine to see if you guys had enlisted her help.  Thank you to everyone in Canada who donated the clothes, shoes, dolls, knitted doll clothes, etc, etc.

There is always a time to leave as well as to arrive.  The team spent valuable time on the last night playing with the children and saying Bye.   Always a lot easier to arrive and get welcoming hugs than to say ‘bye’ and get farewell hugs.

Farewell time on the last night.


Farewell cute little Anne


Fun on the last night.


Love them. Leave them.


Ti Fi with godfather Gerry on the last night

The team arose very early Tuesday morning, actually shocked me to see how early, and then waited patiently for the bus, which did not arrive.  Last minute change of plans needed.  Luckner’s truck would go along with Karen’s (HATS) truck.  We made it to the airport in the two hours normal travel time.   At the mission site when the team entered the trucks to leave the compound Ti Luc quickly climbed in too.  He had to be forced back out as he wanted to go to Canada. He cried and informed me that I always promise he is going to Canada but it never happens.

Brian and Ti Luc together until the very last minute morning of leaving


No bus. Waiting for Yawel to arrive with Luckner’s truck


No bus. No problem.


Forcing Ti Luc out of the truck. He was determined to go to Canada too.

Once more I ask for your prayers for us to receive Ti Luc’s passport in his correct name.  We want and need to receive it soon.  Thank you for joining us in prayer for this.

Airport arrival


Bye Guys

Again, thank you to the team.  Thank you to the family members who made it possible for them to come and for managing in the snow and freezing temperatures without them.  Thank you to every Canadian who supported HATS with all the donations for the children in our church, our school, and throughout our area.