Thank you for returning once more to share in our/your HATS family. Thanks for all the work with, and also without, Brooks’ favourite paint colour Aqua Chintz. Every time you return to us the bonding between you, the team, and all of us at HATS becomes stronger. You are an important part of the HATS-Haiti Mission. Thank you for all the encouragement. It helps me to keep going, and helps me to ‘try to’ keep blooming, here in the Artibonite Valley of Haiti where God has planted me.

You are a good group, and good looking, especially at 4:30 a.m. when ready to leave us to return to Texas.

The 4 30 a.m. look. Are they awake enough to say ‘Bye’. Hopefully it will get better during the day.

Thank you for not only accepting us two Newfies here, but for loving us, laughing with us, praying for us, learning some of our great Newfie expressions and for wanting to know more about the uniqueness and specialness of Newfoundland. We will work on speaking with a Texas accent and you work on speaking with a Newfie one. When you return next year it will be even more fun. Brooks, me son, me nerves is doin better since you left. Got no one to git on me nerves now b’y.

Thank you for praying for all the children.

Brooks praying for Jofky and Dieunel


David praying for Leica, Djemima and Judel


Jake praying for Moise and JJ


Jennifer praying for Anne and Ti Fi


Julie praying for Ti Luc and Josie


Tina praying for Sandra and Karena

Thank you for all the fun time with the children.

Jennifer and Anne


Moise and Jake

Thank you, too, for your support of Luckner and the work of Radio Creole. Radio Creole continues to make a difference – a noticeable difference – in the thinking of, and in the lives of, many in the valley.

Luckner at Radio Creole


Maestro Brooks serious for a change

It was great to have you. Difficult to see you leave as was evidenced in the faces of all the children.

Ti Luc saying bye to the group

It is good to have you as part of the HATS-Haiti family. We will continue to work together for the good of the children.

I T    I S    A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N