Don was wounded in a ski doo accident some time before coming but was able to lead the team anyway as long as he promised to take it easy and not try to lift anything.  When he walked out of the airport in Port au Prince I was scared and upset when I saw him.  He was in bandages, including a tensor bandage, a sling, several bandaids on his face and hands.  His glasses looked taped to his face.  He was a mess.  I was scared to hug him so kissed his hand instead.  A short time later when loading the suitcases and tubs into the bus, to head to the mission, I saw that he looked much better  – he had his arm in a sling only.  He had been successful in greatly startling me and so removed all the extra things he had put on to do so.  I had been had. (I have a good memory so he will be had next.)   Despite his not being in top shape and having to accept lots of help from his team members he was Mr. Komic and it was a  successful week.   Thank you Don for coming and bringing the team in spite of pain and limitations.

The old couple who were left behind onsite

The rest of the team members arrived with a different problem,  not immediately noticable like Don’s, but it did somewhat affect their week at HATS.  They all got sunburned in Miami enroute to Haiti and suffered because of it.  HATS now has a new rule for teams coming here – “stay out of the sun enroute.”

The temperatures were quite high with a lot of humidity which zaps our energy and strength so it was extremely difficult on the team members.  Despite injuries and the intense heat and humidity they kept going and doing everything they could.  (By the way team members – the temperatures and humidity kept continuing to rise and yesterday with temperatures in high forties we were all in a total ‘zombie state’.

Don and Luckner


Despite the injuries and the sunburn we did have a great week.  I was thrilled to have a team from my home town, Springdale, and surrounding area.  How very special is that!

Thank you Emma for returning to HATS-Haiti.  Thank you for being Don’s co leader (his right hand man).  Thank you for helping show others the ropes and taking pressure off me.  Thank you for your immense love for Ti Luc.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!  Thank you for being you.

Emma aka Trouble 1 typing the blog


Ti Luc loves his special friend Emma


Thank you Cavelle for coming and joining in with everything.  Thank you.  Your getting here to the mission was a long time in the making and I am very glad you made it.  You supported behind the scenes for many years.  Finally you made it.   Thank you for your great photography skills.  No doubt you have a lot of gorgeous photos.   Thank you, too, for writing the second part of the poem you did for me 18 years ago “The Other Side” which I posted in a blog not long before you came.  I will be putting this new one in a blog soon too.

Cavelle aka Trouble 2


Alycia, I thank you also for coming back.  We are certainly glad you did.  You are a very special young woman who we will be waiting to see again next spring.  You are fun and easy to have around.  Thank you for accepting us all and helping everywhere possible.  Thank you for being a fantastic godmother (marenn) to Dieunel.  He is a blessed little boy and a very happy one because he has not only sponsors but also a godmother who loves him.

Alycia resting on the cement floor


Holly, this was meant to be your time to come!!  Thank you for coming.  Thank you for accepting everything and everyone as you did, on the compound and off.  Thank you for your encouragement.  It means a lot.  You, too, are a special young lady and  you were an important part of this team. Thank you for ordering people around because you cared for me and wanted to be sure I was safe.  You make a great sergeant, Holly.  A career in the military perhaps??



Doreen, I am really glad you came. Thank you.  It is a very long time ago that you told me in church (Living Waters) in Springdale that someday you would come down and help.  You did just that and we are blessed because you did.  Thanks so much for making it happen.  Thanks for helping in many ways, for teaching cross stitching to my boys as well as to the girls and Lois.  Thank you for your encouragement and prayer.  Both were greatly appreciated.



Doreen with Karen’s Ugly Stick

Sarah and Stephen, I put you together as you are a couple – two special individuals who have joined as one.  Recently married you had a honeymoon different than most couples – you chose to come to Haiti.  You gave of yourselves to the children and others, took part in everything you could, slept in separate mosquito tents on the roof with the other team members.  You were very easy to have around and most helpful.  I thank you both for choosing to do this as your honeymoon.  Hopefully you took special memories of your time here away with you.

Sarah with Anne and Sandra


Stephen with team leader, Don

On behalf of the children, the employees (especially Germaine), the Reimers, and Luckner, I say  THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

HATS truly is    ALL  ABOUT  THE  CHILDREN.    Thanks for your parts in making it thus.