This is a thank you blog to all who donated to the Mercy Ministry Fund so we can distribute food to the needy people in this area. Your generosity towards those in need of food is amazing.

Things were extremely difficult for a lot of people in this valley area before Haiti got hit by hurricane Sandy.  The hunger problem then quickly went from serious to urgent.  Manifestations got under way against the government for not giving any help to feed the hungry children.  Some of these manifestations got out of hand due to the desperation of the people to find food for their families. Some foods that were the mainstay of the Haitian diet were not available for quite some time.  The food that was available in the area was far too expensive for people to purchase, and still is. The situation was not, and is still not, good.   More food is available here again, but the cost is atrocious and people continue to be hungry.

Due to your generosity we are purchasing stable food items – rice, beans, cornmeal and oil and distributing them to people in our area.  We will continue to do so.

Two ladies going home with rice, beans, cornmeal and oil


leaving with food for her family

I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to a lovely young girl in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, 11-year-old Heidi Perry. Heidi ran 21 km last month to raise funds for HATS to help children in Haiti.  Food was purchased with the $1200 raised by Heidi, (staple supplies forone week per family) was bagged, and distributed to 52 very thankful families.   Thank you, Heidi, for having a heart for the hurting and hungry and for providing food for needy children here.

Heidi during her run.  Her mom kept her company.


Heidi crossing the finish line after 21Km

Thank you to all of you who have donated for this cause. We will be continuing to purchase and bag food, and bless the people with it on your behalf. Thank you to Barb also for coming down as well. Barb brought a friend, Rosanna, with her and between them arrived here with 10 large bags of food and other needed supplies for distribution.

Mariah, Germaine & Roselene bagging food to distribute

The needs are great.  The love, kindness and generosity shown by you, the HATS supporters, for the children here, is also great. Together we will continue to make a difference.

More recipients of food through our mercy ministry