They came. They worked. They played. They accomplished. They left.

The student’s letters and photos in the sponsoring program were completed. Student’s letters were written, translated, scanned, and sent out via email to the many sponsors. Wow. A huge undertaking that was handled beautifully. I was, and still am, impressed. I informed Liette and Yvette that I had one important thing to say about the whole thing – ‘ they both need to come back again next year and do likewise ‘. What a team! I will be hoping and praying they can return together, as a team, again.

Students writing letters to sponsors


Prescolaire 3 walking to join Liette for photos & letters


Yvette with Jonathan

Jessie helped Liette and Yvette with the work on the school sponsoring program and when not needed there she organized the storage unit in my office. Another job well done.

Karen’s Main Office

While here they also blessed my kids with a lot of attention and fun times. It was difficult for all of us to have to say bye and see them leave. There is always a time to happily say “welcome and thanks for coming” and always a time to sadly say “bye and please return.”

Fun times with the kids


snack time on our walk

Now we are looking forward to having Dana-Lynn, Jared, Ronel, and Alexa arrive on December 16th. Their project will be to help with painting at the school. We have the new office/library needing to be painted, as well as the improved/finished secondary section – grades 7, 8, and 9. The small office for the person who is assistant to Luckner, as supervisor of the secondary section, should also be ready to paint soon.

On December 11th Jessie and Seth will be leaving to spend a month with their families. Mariah, too, will be leaving in December, probably on 16th, to spend time with her family. She will return in January to stay until school is out in June. The children are going to miss having these three around but Dana and children being here will fill the gap for ten days. Ti Luc will especially miss Mariah. They do have a lot of fun together and Mariah is a tremendous help for me with that special boy. Ti Luc can now do most things the other children do, but not all. Yesterday morning he told me he wanted to feed himself like the others do. He put a lot of effort into trying to get the spoon to his mouth. Not yet successful but proud of himself. So am I.

Mariah and Ti Luc having fun together


I want to feed myself Mama

The Trade School is busy with English, computer, and plumbing classes running. I continue to help Luckner with the English class. When Liette was here she did a fantastic job of teaching the students English in my place. It was good for the students and good for me.

Students in English class at Trade School

On the way home, after taking Liette and Yvette to the airport, we passed a huge long truck loaded with bags of cement. The truck was driving much too fast for the road conditions and on the top of the load of cement two men were standing, acting foolish, dancing, and showing off. I took a photo that I call ‘death wish’.

Death wish.  Look Ma, no hands.

HATS has a Christmas goat program again this year. If you wish to give someone special a gift, by blessing someone in need in Haiti with a goat, we can take care of it for you. A photo will come to you, hopefully before Christmas, but we cannot promise that. Information on this Christmas project will be available on our website soon.

Thanks again to all of you for being a part of what we do here, for helping us bless people in this area, and for making a difference in the lives of the students by seeing them get an education.

Karen and kids (minus 2)

Love and God bless all of you.

~Karen and family