A huge THANK YOU to Lew and Hope Rowsell from all of us at HATS-Haiti.

Thank you Lew and Hope for coming, for bringing your grandson Liam, for accepting all of us children and adults, for jumping in and doing and helping with every thing you saw that needed help as well as with many things that were not obvious.

We were, and still are, blessed by the three of you. Lew hardly stopped working at all. He came for food only and then back to repairing everything he saw that needed help. We hope he is slowing down a little to enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus with all of you.

HATS-Haiti has been blessed by your coming and joining our family.


A fun outing

All enjoying coconuts from our yard

Closing off any entrance for mice into my bedroom

Hope and Lew fixed up 8 of our drums for our church

Putting new set of water tabs on our basin downstairs

Puttings buttons on the finished sofa to attach it to the sofa back

Redoing the swing sofa with real fishermen’s non slip rope

Repairing faucet outside devotion room

Repairing screen door off gallery

We enjoyed this time together

With a handsome young lad at the Christmas program and party for preschoolers

Working in Jocelyn’s bathroom