This has been a pretty quiet and tame week at HATS – relatively speaking of course. Last week we had well water issues for 5 days but the pump is back purring and pumping again. It gave us an appreciation of how hard the local Haitians work daily to collect water and shelp to their homes while we turn a tap. I am very pleased not to have to shower under a rain spout – that was a tad tedious and not very private.

Thank You

Thank you to all our friends and family and neighbours who helped with donations for the orphanage. We appreciated all you did to help load our 8 hockey bags with 400 Lbs. of loot for the kids, We brought clothes, shoes, toiletries, towels, work gloves, bicycle repair supplies, books, school supplies, cash, hockey sticks, tennis balls, hardware, tools, toys, plumbing supplies and laptops. Thanks for being a huge part of our adventure.


We had 8 laptops donated for the kids here at the orphanage. Earlier in the summer Heather brought 20 laptops to help with the high school kids’ education. Well done. The 6 older kids at HATS and I do regular computer classes and they love learning how to type, do math exercises and various other activities.

JJ, Moise, Leica and Dieun el plug away in computer class

Judel is very intense with his math program


Mr. Keif’s bicycle repair shop is now open again 6 days per week. I am training Judel as my apprentice and he is a quick learner. We were able to get some supplementary bike supplies in St. Marc and fix up the tricycle for Tifi. She was delighted to be able to go on the canal walk with us

The mechanic and the apprentice

The bike depot in St. Marc

Tifi and her friends


It has rained every afternoon and evening now for 8 days. It certainly takes away the humidity but makes our walking routes quite muddy. The kids all play in the devotion play room when the rains come.

Rain and more rain

Sandra and Magdela play while Anne prepares to go snorkelling in the rain


All the swings now have new seats and the tire swing in back in action.
Happy kids – and “it is all about the kids”

Swinging times at HATS