Recently Heidi Perry, of Steady Brook, Newfoundland, ran in the Steady Brook/Humber area to raise funds for the HATS-Haiti children. This is the third year that Heidi has ‘run for HATS’.  Heidi is an amazing girl, with a big heart to help children in need.   Heidi is 13-years-old and in grade 7.  She recently ran 42.2 km to raise the funds and did so on a cold, wet day.  How many people would do something like this to be able to help needy children elsewhere?

There is a photo of Heidi running on a day that is anything but sunny.  There is another of her standing in Steady Brook at the end of her very long run.

Heidi Perry running a marathon to raise funds for HATS-Haiti

HATS-Haiti children, both in the Children’s Home and at the school, and employees of HATS, are amazed and very thankful that a young girl would do so much to help the children here.  Her photo was also passed around in church and people were amazed that one so young is willing to do so much to help the children here.

Heidi at end of her long race

HATS children who live onsite with Mama Karen want to say a very big thank you to Heidi.  They made a sign to say thank you in Creole and English.

Standing in the rain to say Thank You to Heidi who ran in the rain for us

The children have been enjoying getting out as much as possible.  We walk along the canal, they climb trees and run through unplanted fields – racing to see who is the fastest.

Fun outside the compound. Jofky came first


Dieunel not far behind Djemima


Go Moise. Go


Ti Luc, not in a competition, stuck to the path & did it by himself

All  the children are growing, changing, and maturing. (Monkey doodle Anne is still Anne and not showing any signs of growing out of any of her ‘dezod’.)   It is in Jonathan and Sandra, however, that I see the biggest difference.  They are growing up too quickly.  Every day they come to show me their new accomplishments.  Lately it has been what they can do on the swings.



Two little people – one swing


Jofky showing Mama what he can do

Our children are all well and hopefully they stay that way.  Mama Karen does not wish to have to reopen her clinic for any of her children again.  Chikungunya, however, has been reported as being in Haiti for some weeks now, with many cases reported, according to radio news reports.  It is an illness caused by a virus that spreads through mosquito bites.  The most common symptoms of chikungunya are high fevers with joint swelling and pain.  Other symptoms can be headache, muscle pain, and rash.  People are advised to use mosquito repellent and cover exposed skin with long sleeved shirts, long pants and hats.  Our team members have been advised to bring repellent with them and to use it early mornings and after the sun goes down late afternoons.

Only one more month of school for this year.  The students received their report cards a few weeks ago for the second semester.  Mama Karen was not happy with the results of some of the children.  A family meeting was held in the yard and they were given their marching orders so there would be better results next month when the final exams are written for this year.  Mama Karen, however, has not seen many marching to her orders or to her  daily encouragement to spend a lot more time with their textbooks.  The end results may leave a lot to be desired.

A family meeting after receiving report cards

If the school exam results are good, or not so good, all the children are precious and I am thankful for each one.

I T    I S     A L L     A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N