I have to say T H A N K Y O U to Beate and her team of Sam, Rebecca and Kathleen. What a crazy, fun loving, helpful small team. Before saying anything else about this fantastic group we all want to let Laura know know that we are sad, that at the last minute, she could not join us due to illness. The door is open for you, Laura, to come at another time.

We have just spent a really great week together. None of us want to be separated tomorrow and no doubt there will be tears as they walk away from me at the airport. They, however, will be back!!!

It will be difficult to see them go but perhaps it is time for them to leave. Why??? Have you heard that sometimes when people are together too much they start to resemble each other?? This seems to have happened here. They came looking very different than they look now when they are leaving here. We not only resemble one another now, but do so with crazy changed features.



New Karen







Last nut, but not the least nut – Mme Director of this mission

Mme Director of HATS-Haiti Mission