Keith may no longer be Captain Of the Sky but we saw him, and hopefully will again, as Captain of HATS.

Saying thank you is not enough. But our thanks does come from deep within our hearts. The other thing we can say is “We are waiting for your return.” Thanks also needs to go to my friend, Joan, who was willing to lend us her husband for almost three weeks.

Keith was not someone who sat around in case something needed to be done. He was someone who constantly found the things that needed doing and just moved in and did them – quietly and quickly. I noticed on a few of his blogs things like ‘he was just hanging out with Jonathan’, ‘he was looking busy’, etc. Keith did not just hang out, just amuse the children, or just look busy. He was, as I mentioned before, like the ‘Energizer Batteries’ that keep on going, going, going. He won the hearts of the children as well as the employees. He was a tremendous blessing to me, by helping with my work and fending off those who ‘thought’ they needed my time.

Keith – the painter


School roof repairs




Can fly a plane. Can ride a bike. Lots more to this guy than meets the eye


The master at work at another project


Taking care of something else for us before he leaves


Putting up Christmas lights


Putting up more lights

Blogging was a huge help. He did it daily and he did it well. By the time he was ready to leave he even figured out how to take all the blogging work from my shoulders – photos and all. For that I did the happy dance. Now I am trying to figure out how to take it back on my shoulders again, along with everything else. It is not possible to fill his blogging shoes. I will, however, blog 2-3 times a week until more family members arrive for Christmas and then again until Keith rejoins his HATS family here again in January.

Mr. Blogger himself

He had a fantastic rapport with all the children – age 2 to 18. He helped train those who were at an age to learn many varied things. He spent time teaching some of our overly competitive children to enjoy sports, to enjoy fun in playing. When the parade of people came constantly, thinking they had to have my attention, he knew when to send people away and how to do so. For this I owe him a huge thank you.

Amusing the children


Ti Luc misses his buddy


Last morning of devotions with Keith for awhile


Farewell Keith – until January


Thank you to Keith for helping us keep everything at HATS   –

Blessings everyone,