Thank you very much to Bob the Builder and his fantastic team.
(I want you to know the photos of the team you will see here were taken 5:00 a.m. on the day of leaving and some were not yet fully awake.)

Bob The Builder

Bob – lovingly known by all of us at HATS as our very own “Bob The Builder”. Bob, thank you so very much for coming for your 10th time and for all the hard work in the intense heat. Bob, you truly lived up to your “Bob The Builder name”. You showed your expertise in roofing at that community church and it will never be forgotten by anyone who has seen, or who will see, it. It was not only building skills that were noticed here. You did a great job as leader of the team. You are very welcome to bring a team here again.


Scotty – seen by many of us as a brother to our own Brian de. Scotty, you do resemble Brian in looks and in actions. It was great to have you here for the first time. Thank you for deciding to come. You worked hard in the heat as well and nothing seemed to faze you. You were an important part of the project.


Steve – For someone who supposedly knows nothing about construction and tools you could have fooled all of us. You were in the midst of all the work in the heat and doing anything and everything you could. Thank you for coming on the team. We all loved having you here. Thank you for bringing your daughter, Robyn, with you. Thank you, too, for the delicious breakfast.


Rich – Thank you for coming back for your second time with us. Thank you, too, for bringing your two wonderful boys, Josh and Noah with you. We were all thrilled to welcome you and Josh back and to meet Noah for the first time. Thank you, too, for bringing your nephew, Dakota. A first time experience for him too. Rich, we saw your skills in helping Bob with a roofing project when here the last time. Once more you worked hard in horrible heat and did a good job. Thanks, too, for sharing in church Sunday morning. It touched hearts, not to mention gave me wet eyes.


Josh – It was wonderful to have you back. The children had been anxious to see you again. Thank you for returning. Thank you for working diligently along with the men in that heat. You are a fine example of a teenage boy. I can see where you can be a positive example to many. My kids love you and look up to you.


Noah – How lovely it was to have you join your dad and brother this year. It was great to have you here. You fit in beautifully with the adults and the children. You, too, worked hard on the project. The kids see you as Noah the Wonderful. Thank you for coming.


Dakota – Thank you for coming along with your uncle Rich and your cousins. It was a pleasure to meet you and have you with us. You are a hard worker and you were a big asset to the team. I regret we did not have the chance to put your masonry skills to work. Who knows – perhaps another time!


Robyn – You were a delight to have around. Thank you for coming and for working. You certainly are not just a pretty face. Thank you for being willing to do anything and everything that was proposed to you, and for doing things on your own as you saw the need. Thank you for the patience you had with my children and all the time you spent with them.


Carolyn – Thank you for coming on this team. I was delighted to have you here and to get to know you a little. I know I now have another ‘friend’ in Calgary. Thanks for pitching in wherever and whenever needed. Your love of children was obvious to all of us.


Maddy – It was a delight to meet you and to have you here. Thanks for all the time you gave the children. Thank you for willingness to work, doing whatever we needed, whenever it was needed. I am really glad that your mom, Aldonna, did not come without you.


Aldonna – Thank you so very much for coming and for having beautiful Maddy come with you. It was a pleasure to meet you and to have you on board. Thanks for jumping in wherever needed and for the projects with the children. You are certainly a ‘teacher’, and one gifted in art, with a lot of patience for children. The children’s art projects you had them do are all beautifully hanging on their walls and I trust they will be for a very long time.

My thanks to all the males for all the work in the heat on the construction project and for the positive time with my children. Thank you to the four ladies who worked too, but not with their muscles doing construction. Thanks ladies for doing, going, being, playing, painting, doing a project with the staplegun, an art project, cleaning, changing lots of diapers, and lots more.

Early morning bus ride back to airport

Thank you to all the team for the love, acceptance, affection and fun and games, for all the children, as well as accepting all the employees and communicating with and helping them. Thank you to all of you for your acceptance, and support, of me and what I endeavour to do here. It means a great deal. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to each of you, for your awesome sense of humour. Fun and laughter are so important and we did lots of it.

Luckner has asked me to say “Thank You” from him too for coming, working, and for your acceptance of him and for taking relax times on his roof. He, too, would happily welcome you back.

Airport arrival.  Goodbye Haiti

At HATS-Haiti mission it is “All About The Children” Thanks for helping make it so.

God bless each and every one of you. Thanks again from all of us.

~Karen, Luckner, Mariah, children and employees