12/7 AM: Karen

Hi folks, tried to send this out yesterday, Tuesday, but it would not go. Trying again bright and early this morning, Wed. Still would not go. I removed half the photos and tried to send them separately. It still would not go out. Saved the blog and photos on a memory stick and took it to the other office laptop, still won’t go out – reason – that computer is not online and we can’t get it online. What a silly dilemma we are in with no Keith and no Jim here with us.

12/7 PM: Karen

Hello again. Wed evening 5:10 p.m. Still trying to send out the blog. I can send an ordinary email but not photos. Sandra and Jocelyn who arrived yesterday can not send a photo to family either so looks like it is not my laptop but our WiFi that is no good. So the blog is going out without any photos, Blessings everyone

Time for a 💖 THANK YOU 💖 Blog

Disaster Relief Fund

Thank you to all in Canada who donated towards the disaster fund for the devastated areas in the south of Haiti. A huge truck left our school a few weeks ago with lots of supplies for families of one of the badly hit towns. Another vehicle with some volunteer committee workers went along with the truck. Some donated funds were used to purchase many needed items. As well, some funds was delivered to the area. The truck, due to the roads being badly damaged by the hurricane, experienced some major problems getting the supplies to the area that was excitedly awaiting their arrival. Eventually the supplies had to be removed from the huge truck and put into smaller ones and then finally hand carried the remainder of the way. It was a difficult few days of travel but so worth the effort and suffering to get the things where they were so badly needed.

Word from the mayor of the town came back to Luckner expressing a huge amount of gratitude to everyone – in Haiti and in Canada – who had been a part of seeing these things donated, organized, and delivered to those in need. The mayor expressed his thanks and thanks for the people of the town. He said that all the people were so very thankful for the needed items, but also for the way they were delivered and distributed. He said it was the first time they had been on the receiving end of such a large amount of supplies and everything given to them was done with great dignity. He said the badly needed buckets, were all filled beautifully with a lot of supplies needed by everyone there. He expressed thanks because all the clothes and shoes delivered as well was in excellent condition and a lot of it was new. All in all – it was a job well done, and well executed, by the committee formed from people in the three towns around us.

Thank you one and all for being a blessing to people in such great need and doing so, as the mayor said, with Dignity.

Thank You to Our Support Workers

Thank you also to those who came to HATS in the past couple of months to help with the work load.

Thanks to Joan and Keith who are a regular part of HATS. They are now getting some needed family time in Canada 🇨🇦before returning in January. We love to see them come but hate to see them leave. Joan is an awesome teacher for Ti Luc. He is learning well again this semester thanks to her. She left school work for Sandra and I to oversee for the month of December. He is doing school work every day but I must admit it is not up to Joan’s standards. Joan will continue his studies with him January to March. Now if only the other fantastic teacher, Nicki, were coming in March for three months again instead of just leading a team for a week. Trusting God to work out his schooling in His way for the last few months of the school year.

Thanks to Josiah for accompanying Ti Luc and I on our trek back to Haiti with a lot of supplies for the mission, and for staying a couple of weeks to help. He was willing to do anything and everything asked of him.

Thank you to Bob, Linda and Heather who came recently and were a huge help in many ways. Bob, being our own Bob the Builder, of course did everything he saw that needed taken care of. This allowed Keith to focus his time and energy to take care of all the school photos for our sponsoring program for Liette. He took them, sorted them, downloaded them, and, and, and . . . . Linda worked diligently along with Joan and I in the school letters and the mountain of work that entailed. Joan was the organizer personified.

Heather was a gem đź’Ž and a blessing by spending very valuable time with TiFi. She did some therapy daily with TiFi and was a huge encouragement to her by spending time with her and loving on her. TiFi knew she was loved and the children watched how Heather treated TiFi. I am hoping that the good traits they saw in Heather towards TiFi will start showing up in the children who live with TiFi daily.

Thank you to all of you for coming, doing, caring, laughing and loving.

May God bless each person involved in the disaster relief effort, and all those who left your homes and came to help us here at the HATS-Haiti mission.