Beate, your being here this month was different than all your other times.  It was not as comfortable for sure, but you were a trooper.  Thank you for bringing Vivianne with you.  You both accepted everything here – no electricity, no water, and all that goes with that, in the midst of temperatures in the forties with very high humidity.  I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for coming and helping, and accepting all of us and everything as you did.

Thank you, too, for your willingness to be a part of the message at church Sunday morning on ‘not judging by outward appearance’.  Thank you for going to our service in torn and dirty shorts and t-shirts, with dirt on your faces, arms and legs, and Vivianne with nothing on her feet.

My kids did not know quite what to think when they came and saw how you were dressed for church.  They were more than a little surprised for sure.

My children ready for church but surprised at the way Beate and Vivianne were dressed for church


Off we go to church

The older children figured Mama was ‘up to something’ and perhaps I was going to use you in the message.  The younger ones thought you were not dressed properly for church, but accepted it because Mama Karen did.  They, however, told me many times before we made it to the service that I was beautiful.  Meaning my clothes looked a lot better to them than yours.  Looks like I have more teaching to do on this subject with the younger ones as they grow up.

The message Sunday was clear and well received thanks to you two. You willingly left for church looking like you had just come from a garden in our area after planting rice.  You not only sat through the service everyone could see you thoroughly enjoyed the service.

Two clean and beautifully attired ladies at church this morning


Sitting in church

Instead of looking for some clothes you thought were decent to put on for church, you had to come home after the service and look for something decent to change into.  Thank you for being a willing part of the message.

Church is finished. May we go home and put on decent clothes now

You are both missed by all of us.  We will be waiting for your return.


~Karen and children