Thank you to the team from Karen, Luckner and the HATS gang. Bob, Mike, Brian De, Aimee, Rich, Josh – thank you so very much.


Bob. What can I say?  THANK  YOU !!!!  Thank you for all the hard work in the intense heat!!  You are indeed a big part of HATS. When you arrive we think – Bob is back home again.  In my heart I call you Dickie # 2 and believe me that is a huge compliment.  You are very comfortable here and all of us are very comfortable having  you here.   (You and Dickie should get together and learn a little more Creole.  Then you both would be even more valuable and even more in demand.  Is that a scarry thought?? )

Mike. Thanks for coming for your first time.  Thanks for accepting everything and for jumping in anywhere and everywhere needed.  You were indeed a blessing in many ways.  You are quiet but deep and always ready to go the extra mile.  You worked hard in very high temperatures that lots of people could not handle.  I am glad you came.

Brian De.  Thanks for returning for the second time in three months.  Everyone here at HATS was thrilled and thankful to have you back.  Thanks for all the hard work. in the horrible heat.  Thanks for the support in so many ways – it meant a great deal to all of us.  You are easy to have around.

Aimee.  My Newfie buddy.  Like me born in Newfoundland and always a Newfie at heart.  But, unlike me became a big city Toronto girl.  Thank God that did not spoil you.  You are as  nice as if you just left the rock, maid.  Thank you for all the help in so many ways.  You fit in here, there and everywhere and worked in that heat without complaining.  Thanks for coming.

Rich.  Thank you for coming and working hard at whatever was there for you to do.  Thank you for bringing your son, Josh, with you.  Thanks for quickly learning to accept that life is very different in Haiti, and letting go of North American expectations.  I try to tell people that Haiti is a different world than Canada, but coming and experiencing is the only way to truly understand that.  You poured out in the intense heat.

Josh.  What can I say?   You are a boy/man!!   Not yet 14 but so very mature; sensible; accepting of things so very different than anything you had ever known; fantastic attitude towards and about everything you saw, heard and experienced; worked with the men and played with the children.  You fit in with everyone.  You are a young man who will go far if you allow God to continue to lead and guide your life.  You  have the makings of a great missionary.   Thank you so much for coming, for working hard every day in the heat, and for your acceptance of all of  us.

To the six of you, thank you for all the time, attention, fun, and love you gave my kids.  You blessed them and I believe you have been blessed in return.  Did I mention the heat??  Thank you for working in it and for playing with kids in it.

May God richly bless all of you as you settle back into the North American lifestyle with your loved ones.