After a glorious nights rest under the star filled Haitian sky and rooster filled sound waves, the Texas Team awoke ready to display the skill set that we bring every year.

That’s right….painting – walls, ground, shoes, rocks, hand and face (Jennifer only).

The painting has started

I suppose we all have our specific callings in life. Ours just happens to be closely tied to names like fencepost white, dignity purple and aqua chintz. Such is the call on the few, the proud, the Texas Team.

Kay Margo getting a face lift

Key Margo has only looked this good one other time and that is when the Ritchies and Hubers were among the few and the proud.

Kay Margo looking better already

Speaking of the few and the proud, Brooks did his annual magic show and some of his tricks worked. Evidently the humidity either caused Karena to pick the 3 of hearts instead of the 10 of diamonds like she was supposed to or Brooks didn’t bring that skill set like he was supposed to.

Magic tricks for the kids


Karena assisting Brooks

Now onto the Annual International Football Friendly between the Haitian All Stars and the North American Not So All Stars. We’ll briefly mention the final score of HAS 11 and NANSAS 6.

Let’s go Jennifer


Good soccer with a good ball


Soccer at its best


Kick it JJ

But now the more important IFF Awards:

Volleyball Award – Julie as she displayed tremendous volleyball form passing the ball to Leica with her forearms.

Patrick Roy Goalie Award- Keith didn’t leave his hockey skills in Canada. Oh no, he had more than a dozen kick saves and at one point checked JJ over the boards.

AP Photojournalism Award- Staff Photog Tina did an excellent job documenting the Friendly with her camera.

Red Face Award- Evidently Jake gets a red face when he plays football in Haiti.

Gray Sweatshirt Award- Evidently Brooks sweats profusely when he plays football in Haiti. (Go with the dry fit next time Brooks)

Scream Award- Evidently Jennifer screams every time a football comes near her.

MVP- Stephen (Team HAS) displayed such style and grace by holding the HAS score only to 11.

As always, it is a honor to visit HATS and see the wonderful work the Lord continues to do here. Karen is always such a gracious host even when she is a “ditz” (her words not ours) and doesn’t charge the batteries.

What joy it is to just visit with the kids or push them on the swings or play basketball or play the drums or take a walk along a canal hand in hand. The Lord does good work here and for this Texas Team and those that have gone before it provides just a small glimpse into our Saviour’s loving eyes when he gave the command in Luke 18:16 “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God”.