It’s Friday in Haiti but it’s with heavy hearts we all woke up this morning.  Late Thursday afternoon we were shocked to hear that there is a cholera outbreak in this area and that over 160 people are known to have died and 1580 known to be quite sick.  Our love and prayers go out to all who are affected of course but our thoughts also went to our families back home and concern over their reaction to the news.  We are all fine and there has not been symptoms exhibited by anyone living or working in the school or orphanage so we are thankful for that.

Karen and Gerry immediately got current information for us and we discussed any health concerns the group may have had.  Karen consulted with Luckner and it was decided to close the school this morning and keep all the kids home with us today just to be careful.

Word has come that a lot of people throughout this valley area have died, in some cases several in the same family, but they did not go to a hospital so the deaths have not been recorded.   The Haitian people have suffered so very much and now this.  Please pray that those in charge will be able to find the cause of this epidemic and be able to get it under control.
We had another group discussion this morning and even though a lot wanted to stay and let this challenge run its course it was decided that we call Air Canada and check out our options.  Regrettably we will be leaving our mission only half completed on Tuesday.   We are leaving early and the team scheduled to follow this one will not be coming to Haiti at this time.   While we are all sad and disappointed it has energized and motivated us to get more things done.
First an update from Thursday and the Haitian workers who continued to dig out for the foundation on one side of the perimeter wall as the rest of the workers built the wall on another side.  The work is tough but they work well together as a team.
On Friday morning some of us continued to move the cinderblocks for the local workers to install while others did some of the small jobs in the buildings that were needed.
New taps were put on the drinking fountain in the school so they can automatically shut off when the kids are finished drinking.
A much needed air conditioner is being installed in Karen’s office and the kid’s house is getting a new table top for their dining room table.
In the middle of the jobs we are all making sure to spend more fun time with the kids – so having them home from school is good for us!!
While we may not have started our day full of positive spirit we certainly ended the day full of thanks and joy.  At dinner this evening Ti-Luc fed himself for the very first time!!!  He is a determined and independent young man and besides drawing for us with his feet this week, he took it upon himself to feed himself for the very first time.  We all cheered with excitment as he continued, with a little help and encouragement from his Mama!  What a fantastic moment for us all to share and what a great reward to end the week.