We made a momentous decision today to go back to October/ we found November to be too cold.

I was asked to write the blog today.  It started as usual with devotions where Karen led us all in a march for  “Jesi”   all around the compound.  A good thing we all had a healthy breakfast.  Then it was to tasks  at hand.

March for Jesi

Registration of Grade 7 and Grade 8. This was a little less confusing than doing preschool 1 but almost as busy  and exciting.  Photos to follow.

Grades 7 & 8 letters

Demolition of the inverter house and rebuild-ation of the same structure.  Termites deemed it appropriate to take up residence in it without permission of the Hats Board of Directors. The house constructionist took it upon himself to eliminate this assault and renew the structure to an even greater status.  He managed to accomplish this in spite of the help offered by other members of the visiting team.  Thank you David.

Demolition and rebuilding with supervisor Ti Luc

Risking life and limb on roller blades – Djemina and JJ were the winners of the first Hats roller derby.  Every one was good and will get better with practice.

Roller blade and scooter fun time


Josie with her new scooter

A soccer match at recess hour this morning at the school.

Dave playing soccer with little kids at recess


Recess time at the school

At noon six goats arrived to be a blessing to six families in the area.

Goat delivery


Gift of a goat to a student in our school

Another soccer game with HATS kids and friends was underway in the school yard at 4:30 p.m. while the rest of the adults and kids had a short walk along
the canal.  It was short due to to some very hungry, tired and cranky kids. After all it was after 5:00 p.m.

Ti Fi helping Ti Luc

The day ended with a fabulous devotion time with the children playing five drums while the rest tried singing.  This was followed by a short time on the roof of the house with four of the kids – JJ, Moise, Djemima and Leica.

We do what it takes when necessary to keep some people quiet and out of trouble – as noted but the photos.

Tie Dave up to keep him quiet and out of trouble


Don’t need to tie Bob up to keep him quiet