Trouble and Double Trouble!!! Before beginning tonight’s blog I want to tell you about the big surprise we received upon our arrival in Port Au Prince. After relating to the team about the rugged conditions of the arrivals area of the airport, we walked off the plane to a beautiful brand spanking new terminal!! I was
absolutely speechless!!!I know what you are thinking but hey, anything is possible isn’t it?

We began our morning at 6:00 after listening to natures choir serenade us through the night. Whoever thought roosters were important and only crow at morning, needs a good talking to. However it did not keep us away from a great breakfast prepared for us by our awesome H.A.T.S. kitchen staff. Then it was off to devotions with the staff and school children. What a joy to see how faith plays such a vibrant part of the beginning of the school day. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in this for many educators.

School devotions

Recess proved to be thrilling for us all as our own Stephen Hobbs showed the students that Newfies are awesome soccer players!! The applause from the bystanders was deafening!!! Way to go Stephen!

Newfie soccer player Stephen

Not to be outdone, the remainder of the team prepared and served nutritional drinks to the eagerly awaiting children. The looks on each little face were filled with so much joy, we fought to hold back tears. Something so small but yet so big in their eyes. Aren’t we blessed?

Alycia & Holly serving nutritional drink


Nurse Sarah patching up a soccer player


Doreen and Emma

Lunchtime saw us who are sponsors having the opportunity to meet our sponsor children and bond a little before presenting them with gifts brought from Canada. Would have melted the coldest of hearts and even brought tears to a glass eye. We travelled by HATS Tap Tap to Luckner’s shop to purchase supplies, mainly drinks to keep us well hydrated as we aren’t really used to this weather. Going from 1 degree to 35-40 can be a little trying on the system.

Alycia and sponsored student Kimberly


Emma and her sponsored student Carla


Stephen & Sarah with their student Bervalie


Cavelle with her student Frantz
HATS TapTap leaving Luckner’s business

Arriving back at the compound, we attacked the huge bags of rice and beans and cornmeal and bagged them equally to be distributed to families in the village. We quickly learned that a Newfoundland cup and a Haitian cup are different in size. The latter being more generous!!! What fun we had.

Measuring the food for distribution

While some of us choose to walk with Karen, others played with the children. Some of the older girls were treated to a needlepoint class given by our talented Doreen Canning. Holly got a lesson too!!

Doreen teaching needlepoint

After a delicious supper of pumpkin soup, we participated in evening devotions with the children and staff and showed off some of our musical abilities!! And now folk’ it’s time to hit the rooster’ oops I mean the hay!! Bon nwit zanmi nou yo!!

God Bless you all as we have been blessed!