We went from -19 to +35 in 33 hours, with no sleep! We were up at 4:00 AM Wednesday and spent all the time on the road, in airports  or in the air until 1:15 today when we arrived safe and sound to the sounds of welcome, smiles and hugs by all the kids and staff.

Sandra getting a few minutes lay down in Miami airport


First one to come through today was Jim


Here we are Karen


We are in Haiti airport once again

It truly is a treat to be here.  Not much being accomplished today, we did unpack all our treasures and sorted them…sort of…and promise to be much more productive tomorrow.

We made a stop to purchase fruit – melons, pineapples and lots of mangos.  Three happy amigos in the van


Dieunel and Sandra


Dickie with Ti Dickie  (name changed from Ti Sandra to Ti Dickie)


Anne & Karena with Jim

We are in a zombie like state and the only  rush will be to get to the shower and into bed.  We are sleeping on the top roof tonight and I hope we need to pull a sheet over us at some point.  It is cloudy now so maybe no stars, it would be a waste anyway, because who would see them?

Goodnight, sleep well under your duvets as we crawl into our mosquito tents with no cover… but with a hope of wanting one before daybreak!