It’s Wednesday, January 31st and time to return to HATS, Haiti, Unfortunately I am flying solo this trip. Joan broke her ankle while hiking with the kids here at the end of November. She is on the mend but not cleared to travel yet. Hopefully as she finishes physio she will join me at the end of February.

It is a beautiful sunny day it Montreal and a cool -18C. As Brian drove me to the airport we got a glance of the Blue super moon and just a hint of the eclipse. The check in, security and flight we all uneventful and on time – just the way I like them.

Hot glycol de-icing the wings

Downtown Montreal and ice on the St. Lawrence River

Sunny and lush coast of Haiti

Port au Prince

Temperature sign on Port au Prince terminal building

It never ceases to amaze how we can board an aeroplane and less than 5 hours later be in the same time zone but a different temperature zone.-18C in Montreal and +37C in Haiti, a 55C temperature swing. And; of course a different world too at the airport with its crowds and the world’s shortest baggage carrousel. Crowds and chaos.

I arrived at the compound to a very warm greeting from Karen, Jocelyn and the kids. It is good to be home. I was just in time for the rising of the Super moon. It was like daylight it was so bright. What a day.

Moon rise over HATS


Off to get the apartment organized and bed set up. The next morning the kids greeted me once again and then headed off to school.

Jocelyn praying with the children before school.

Now time to get organized, figure out the priorities on the to-do list… oh I see 3 bicycles waiting repairs in my bike shop. I guess I’ll start there.
Stay tuned…