Team Texas had a great day. After getting a restful night of sleep, complete with chirping birds and distant drums, we headed off to church. Worship held the most noise and praise that any member of Team Texas had seen in at least a year. Drums and tambourines complete with a ten minute water break pre-sermon. It was amazing! The preaching was short and sweet with a simple message: fear or faith?

Sunday morning worship


Morgan and Milford at back of church


Julie taking care of Jonathan in church


Milford consoling Sandra after church

Due to the lack of paint, the team got a tour of Artibonite Valley. We saw unfathomable sights. Team Texas got a VIP tour of the castle of King Henry 1st. The castle had 365 doors and windows, each one represented a different day. We visited a fort from the French times and saw the dam that supports the canal. It was a sight to behold!

Heading to Ti Rieviere


The valley is a view to behold

However, ask anyone from Team Texas what the best part of their day was, your answer will be the same. Church was great, the sights were pretty, but Team Texas pulled off the nearly impossible stunt of beating the Haitians at their own game. Kyle scored a goal at the last second to win it all for us. Moise and JJ tried to convince Momma that the goal didn’t count, but anyone could see that the goal was clearly a goal. With the final point, we beat them 2-2. We count that as a win! Keith was the best goalie Team Texas could have had, and Brooks scored a goal early that got our momentum rolling. The rest of the team played great defense that kept the Haitians from scoring again. I for one can’t wait to see what other blessings this trip will bring us.

Soccer match opening anthem


The Haitian anthem


Top notch soccer