Now it’s time for Brooks (along with Jake and David) to take over the blogging again. I guess we’ll continue the timeline theme since it’s done so well the past few days.

4:17 – Roosters begin to crow.

6:45 – After 2 and a half hours of crowing, the team decides to get up and at it.
7:30 – off to paint and beautify the school. 2nd coat of Aqua Chintz applied to the secondary building. And new coat of Big Country Blue begins to go on. Brooks rejoices, as he has painted with Aqua Chintz for a good 30 hours in his Haitian experience. Jake and Jenn engage in PDA in honor of Brooks’ excitement.
Second coat of paint going on


office for assistant of secondary section


11:15 – Brad is summoned and kills many wasps.
Noon – We enjoy chicken and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes are as good as they come. Brooks and the potatoes engage in PDA.
1:43 – We resume painting. Heat stroke is nearly experienced, but we gut it out. Sara impresses David with her cut-in skills with a paintbrush. To his astonishment, Sara is the first blanc to surpass him as a concrete surface cut-in technician, all-though publicly he still claims to be the best utilizing a canvas medium.

2:14 – For the first time in 18 years, Karen sits down and watches other people work.

Something new at HATS. Karen sits for two minutes and watches others work.


2:16 – New experience for Karen ends as she feels grass growing underneath her sandals, jumps up and gets back to work.
2:17 – Karen schedules next break for 2:15pm March 3, 2031

3:30 – Painting finished, team goes in to freshen up after some high quality amazing work.

Anne, Josie, Karena with their new clothes


Jake with Sandra


Sandra in her new duds


Saturday play time


Three muskateers


Sara and Jennifer cleaning paint brushes.


David and godson Jonathan


4:30 – The most interesting man in Haiti arrives at the front gate. Our dear friend Missionary James picks us up in the White Wonder of God’s Provision also know as the Toyota Land Cruiser or WWGP for short. We head into Verrettes for an amaizing movie night in the heart of the village.

The movie crew


5:00 – As we begin to set up for the movie, James asks who would like to walk through the village with a bullhorn inviting the community to see the film. Right before nobody volunteers, David nominates Jake and Jenn to head into what Brooks feels is their certain death. With no further nominations, forthcoming, the motion carried, and we said good-bye to the two love birds, who head into the darkness armed only with a bullhorn and Macinzi the translator. Jake and Jenn engage in PDA for comfort.
5:30 – To our joy and astonishment, Jake and Jenn return, holding hands and the bullhorn. Jake may or may not have wet himself in fear at certain moments. Jenn did not – yet. Please see related story at 7:32.
6:15 – Hillsong music videos begins to play. Crowd begins to build.
6:45 – After numerous videos play, a crowd (estimated by professional estimator David Nance of close to 257) begins to watch a movie that tells the story of the Bible and history of God’s relationship with man.
7:32 – Jenn realizes she is in need of a restroom. Realizing their predicament, Jake asks James if he’ll help them find a safe, clean, American restroom. James says “Follow me.”
7:34 – James says to random man standing nearby “Can this crazy white woman use your facilities?” “Sure,” random man replies, and points into his backyard.
7:35 – Jenn enjoys the random man’s semi-private backyard.

7:36 – Jenn tries to celebrate with PDA. For the first time ever, Jake refuses until hand sanitizer is retrieved from the WWGP.

8:40 – Film ends, Brooks explains to the crowd that we want to pray for them. Using hand signals, they are able to tell us what the need prayer for – sickness, injury, bondage, broken hearts, etc. The crowd pretty much engulfed us. For over an hour, we were able to lay our hands on many who were sick or hurting or afraid or suffering. Multiple decisions for Christ were made. We even saw some people healed. It was an amazing evening that we won’t soon forget.
9:45 – We pack up and head home.
10:06 – Lights out, headlamps on.
10:11 – David begins snoring