The morning started off with devotionals at the school. Since last week was Carnival week, this was the first and only chance for the new folks to see how they roll at the school.

Milford: “It was awesome to see more than 200 kids praising at one time.”

Brooks: “What Milford doesn’t say is awesome, but really thinks is awesome, is that all the teachers and kids assumed he is a large Haitian man and would speak to him in Kreyol. His response in English always results in shocked faces. This is actually really awesome.”

Leaving school devotions at the church to go to the raising of the Haitian flag


One little preschooler kind of lost enroute from church to classroom

We then got to work. The girls touched up paint around the girls dorm. Julie and JoJo made the chalkboards look as good as new. Kyle risked life and limb to paint the trip around the upper deck of HATS World Headquarters. Milford, David, and Brooks finished the renovation of Karen’s bathroom, turning it into a luxurious spa and escape for her.

What’s this. Keith on the ground and Kyle in the air


Bigger jobs could not be done due to lack of paint


The girls know how to work

Milford: “It was my first time installing a bathtub with concrete, and David did a great job on the bathroom cabinets for storage.”

Brooks: ”What Milford doesn’t mention is that Brooks did a phenomenal job painting the cabinets with a coat of old pink paint that served as primer until Keith can get hold of more white paint (that Karen needs to go buy). What he also doesn’t tell you as that as mechanical engineer, our design standards here go against everything he knows and values in life. He is a changed man though he’s still in shock. His tolerance for lack of accuracy and perfection has adapted to Haitian standards in a few short days. We are proud of how far he has come (or has fallen).

Huge storage cupboard is almost finished. Fantastic job


Painting left to do only. Karen loves it

We then spent some great time with the kids. We gave them Team Texas shirts to match ours, and were able to pray for each of them here on our final day together.

Josie being prayed for by Morgan


Karena & Jonathan being prayed for by Claire


Dieunel & Ti Luc being prayed for by Jo Jo

Milford: “the kids enjoyed looking at my family photos on my cell phone.”

Brooks: “what Milford doesn’t say is we’re not sure the kids realized they were looking at Texans, but they seemed to enjoy the pictures anyway.”

It was really special though. We love the kids here and we think the feeling is mutual. It’s so great to come back every year and see how the kids have grown physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Now after a final good-bye to the kids, we’re off to Radio Creole to entertain thousands with our musical talents.

Milford: “I’m looking forward to seeing what this radio event everyone keeps talking about is all about.”

Brooks: “What Milford doesn’t mention is that he’s coming solely to serve as our security guard and save HATS some money on security costs”

Brooks was in fine form on the air. It was a fun hour of radio


Radio Creole with Luckner

~By Ebony and Ivory (Brooks and Milford)