The team has written the blog.

( Karen says “What a day of travel, and what an experience they had yesterday!” We are thanking God for a safe arrival. )

Detailed account of the travel and arrival of the Texas Team at HATS:

4:43 AM – Arrive at Amarillo International Airport

5:02 AM – Start the process of checking in our luggage and shifting around the ozarka watering station to another luggage piece

5:18 AM – Luggage check-in process complete

5:25 AM – Made it through the TSA Q&A Session and arrive at Gate 2

5:33 AM – Jennifer informs the team that we are crazy and that there are a lot of days left in February and that April does not come after March. If you are confused by this statement, so are we. And so was Jennifer.

5:35 AM – Jake reassures Jennifer with some PDA. (Public Display of Affection – Jake and Jennifer married only last July.)

6:02 AM – American Airlines Gate Counter Attendant “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, we realize that we have now arrived at our scheduled departing time however we must start the engines for the plane before we depart.” Such an obvious statement should have been our first clue that AA was not going to win the customer service award for the day (oh how I wish Air Canada flew out of Amarillo).

6:50 AM – Our scheduled 6:00 AM flight finally departs AMA on the way to DFW.

7:45 AM – Team Texas safely arrives at DFW and speed walks over to gate D28 in order to board our scheduled 7:55 AM departure to Fort Lauderdale.

7:48 AM – PDA between Jake and Jennifer during the speed walk over to gate D28.

7:55 AM – We arrive at Gate D28 only to realize our scheduled flight left “several minutes” ago. David expresses astonishment that an American Airlines flight not only left on time, but slightly early. AA agent agrees with this statement.

8:05 AM – AA reroutes us through Miami to PAP. Brooks “Dear AA Agent, you will make sure that our luggage is transferred over to our new
flight.” “Oh yes, Mr. Boyett I am making the phone call right now down to the baggage agent to make sure that your luggage is transferred.” This is the second statement from AA that would cause one to wish for a Canadian airline to set up shop in the USA.

8:55 AM – We board the Miami bound flight from DFW.

8:55:43 AM – Jake and Jennifer exchange PDA as they pass through the 1st Class section of the Miami bound flight.

4:25 PM – Team Texas arrives in PAP.

4:43 PM – Team Texas watches the luggage carousel go round and round, round and round, round and round. Imagine – our luggage did not make it to PAP.

4:44 PM – Jake and Jennifer celebrate the news of our lost luggage with some PDA.
4:50 PM – Team Texas loads Van No. 1 for the scenic travel out to HATS.

5:17 PM – Van No. 1 pulls over and the driver and his first assistant kick the front passenger tire repeatedly.

5:45 PM – Van No. 1 pulls over and the driver and his first assistant locate a tool set within the van to make the necessary repairs.

5:52 PM – Horrendous noise heard from the undercarriage of Van No. 1. Brad externally remains cool, calm, and collected, but internally probably begins to wonder why Karen and Luckner sent him to pick up the team.

5:55 PM – Van No. 1 pulls over and the team loads into Van No. 2. Jake and Jennifer rejoice with PDA, then fall asleep for the rest of the ride home. David, Sara, Julie, and Brooks high five.

8:15 PM – Van No. 2 safely arrives at HATS into the welcoming arms of DG.

Team on site first morning with Jofky, Ti Fi and Anne


Jennifer, Ti Fi, Anne, Sara and Sandra

Friday, March 1 (yes Jennifer we are now in the month of March).

So glad to be here. So glad to worship with the HATS kids and team in morning devotions this AM. Ready to get to work. Ready to start the painting process.

Dav id with one of our students – Frantzy


Sara with Sandra


Julie with Leica

Thank you for your prayers – all is well.