It’s the moment this blog has been waiting for. Team Texas is back, which means Brooks and David are once again helming the blog (at least until the rest of the team tells us we can’t blog any more).

We departed Amarillo yesterday afternoon and landed in Ft Lauderdale about 11pm. As we rode our shuttle to our hotel to catch 5 hours of shuteye, we high-fived each other and celebrated the smoothest trip we’d ever had. Absolutely nothing went wrong. It was a miracle. We were happy and feeling so blessed and ready to head out to Haiti the next morning.

And then we walked into the hotel, where we were informed our rooms were no longer available due to a water main break on the 4th floor.  So much for 5 hours of shuteye. Our hotel graciously arranged for us to have rooms at the Quality Inn down the road. So we were fortunate we still had the chance to get 4 hours of shuteye. We also developed a new slogan for our new hotel. “Quality Inn – the only place you’ll find quality is in our name.”

But we did sleep a bit, drive to the airport and head to Port Au Prince bright and early this morning. We enjoyed the beautiful (and heart-stopping) drive into the Aritibonite Valley, arriving safely in our Haitian home away from home in time for lunch.

Once again, it feels like we never left (only the kids have gotten taller – some too much taller!)


We enjoyed an afternoon of basketball and soccer and swinging. We followed that up with a walk along the canal with our HATS family. There are few things more beautiful or peaceful.

Kyle playing soccer


Julie swinging


Brooks and Jofky


On the canal

We finished the day with a presentation of our newest Team Texas t-shirt. It’s our favorite slogan yet – because it’s true – Our favorite Haitian is a red-headed Canadian.




And now we’re off to bed, because we didn’t sleep much last night and Keith has lots of things for us to do tomorrow. As we say in Texas, see y’all in tha mornin’.