Hello once again!

This is our last day here at the orphanage. We had our regular devotion this morning and at this time we basically said our goodbyes, even though we have all day. We will not see many of the staff and children tomorrow. It was very emotional for us because we shared with the Haitians our thoughts about the week. Some of them even shared their thoughts with us also. Tears were shed by many adults and children alike.

Buddies Sam and Dieunel

Today is a slow day for us as we are winding down on our time here. We will be spending most the afternoon with the children.

Moise, JJ & Djemima

The ladies will be putting up the photos of the children with Amanda Muise from her last trip.

Kids saying thank you, Amanda, for the photos

We took the time to ask our team members about their experience here this week in Haiti.

Gerry Rhyno, Yarmouth Nova Scotia: Gerry is our team leader and a member of the HATS board. Gerry said the team spirit and work ethic were very strong on this trip. The team was cooperative and worked very well together. That thing that touches him the most is to see the children worshiping the Lord. He says it warms his heart every time.

Gerry with Mirlande

Evan Mullen, Weymouth Nova Scotia: Evan said he finds that everyone here puts 100% in their worship. He noticed that, for the Haitians, work is survival. They work 7 days a week and very long days, just to feed their families and many times that’s not even enough.

Evan with Ti Luc and Moise

Nicole Boudreau, Little Brook Nova Scotia: Nicole said that the children are very loving. She finds the people work very hard to get by and they still have very little. The staff here is always very happy and appreciated us being here. We also worked hard as a team and had a very successful week.

Nicole with Karena

Marcia Muise, Church Point Nova Scotia: The biggest thing that Marcia noticed was how the children are, also Karen’s sacrifice of leaving a comfortable home in Canada and her family to come live here and serve. She, too, noticed how hard the Haitians work, long hours, with no breaks for very little money but they do whatever they can to feed their families.


Cory Melanson, Church Point Nova Scotia: Cory’s greatest experience was to see how very happy the kids are to see us. He was also impressed by the Haitian’s lifestyle because they work very hard. Cory feels the team has accomplished a lot this trip.

Cory 2 and Ismyis

Sam Muise, Church Point Nova Scotia: Sam was impacted with the children how they are so happy friendly and content with what they have. He said the food was good, the climate was hot and the country was beautiful. He was also impressed by how hard the people work. The people are different they do what they can to help others. He was also impacted by the church service and how energetic their worship is.

Sam and Jonathan

Cory Muise, Church Point Nova Scotia: The love of the children impacted me and just the way they give hugs and kisses all the time. Also, all the hard work the workers put into the orphanage.

Cory 1 with Ti Luc

On behalf of all our team, all of us will leave a small piece of our hearts here and everyone has said they would love to return one day.

Donna with Leica

We would like to also thank Karen and Mariah for everything they have done for us this past week as for all the staff. All of you have made our experience an unforgettable one.

Mary Ann with Judel

Karen Here

N.B. Karen here. I want to say a huge thank you to the team. To those who made comments above and to the other two team members Donna and Mary Ann. May God bless all of you.

Love from all of the HATS family who live onsite.