The team has almost completed their painting project.  There is a little touch up to finish Monday morning.  A job well done indeed. The team members raised money for Luckner and I to buy the paint and then came down to do the painting.

The beginning of Lovely Lisa


Painting team – Francine


Painting team – Linda


Team leader Lynn on the ladder. Tashina holding it.


Non team member but big helper. True to form lying down on the job.


A good start on the ceiling by Tony

What a difference inside our church. Wow. From dull dark grey cement to beautiful walls in  two shades of yellow – pale yellow on the walls and a deep yellow, Lovely Lisa, trim, with a white ceiling.  It looks as if the sun is shining inside or someone has turned on some very bright lights.  Noteworthy indeed is the fact that this big job was done without any scaffolding.  It is a good thing that Keith decided to buy Joan a step ladder for her birthday gift as it was put to very good use on this painting job.

Children decided the team effort was paying off


A lot brighter already


The last roller of paint going on the ceiling


Lovely Lisa looking good

It will be fun to see the expressions on faces of those who come to church tomorrow morning and again our school students Monday morning.

Ready for church in the morning

Thank you team Lynn, Francine, Tony, Linda, and Tashina.  Thank you Keith and Joan for your various methods of support on this project.  Indeed a team effort that has had impressive results.