Karen and Heather have both written a part of this blog.


Yesterday was another busy day at HATS.  It was a holiday in Haiti which meant the school was closed and most employees did not have to work due to it being ‘Batay Vètyè’  or ‘Jour de Bataille de Vetières’.

School being closed and many employees being off did nothing to slow down the children, Liette, Keith and Joan, or Heather.  It was certainly no holiday for us, but it was a full work and fun day.

Ti Luc doing schooling in English with Joan.

We started our day with an early morning walk along the canal.  Liette followed her walk with an exercise period on the roof of the admin building.  She invited Djemima and Leica to join her in her exercise class.  Seeing our two girls trying to do what Liette was doing was extremely funny and also a fun time for the girls.

Leica and Djemima trying to exercise with Liette.

Along with a lot more work being done on the school letters and photos we celebrated three November birthdays in fine form – JJ 14, Moise 13, and Karena 7. A chocolate cake was made for the party and Liette let our little Sonson taste cake batter for the first time.  Wow. He was a happy little boy.  He was not leaving Mama’s kitchen after that so Mama Karen gave him spatula and beaters to lick also.



Sonson is very happy licking the beaters

The actual birthday party was followed by two soccer matches with Liette. First she played with the younger children which included kids Markenson, Jofky, Anne, Karena, Josie, and Ti Fi.  That was followed by a game with JJ, Moise, Vladimy, Djemima, Leica, Dieunel, Judel, Estradson, Starben and Shelben.

Soccer with the young ones

HATS – School and General News :-
Recently Luckner needed to start some work on the school to block the openings into the school – between the top of the classroom walls and the tin roof –  from the outside areas, especially from the area directly behind our three preschool classes, where there are huge trees.  The cement block windows into the elementary classrooms are being screened too because of the same problem.

The reason for these necessary changes is to alleviate or reduce the fear level of  our teachers.  They have become terrified to enter their classrooms due to snakes entering through the areas that are now being worked on – being blocked.  The week before last saw two snakes in two of our classrooms. Bedlam was the result.

One reason, of several like it, why our elementary teachers and students are fearful about going into their classrooms.

You have been following our blogs this week and getting a peek at all the work that has been done by Liette since she arrived with the tremendous help from Joan and Keith.  They have been busy beavers in getting the photos and letters done for all our sponsored students. Getting the photos taken and downloaded into the computer, getting the letters written by all the students and matched up to go with the photos and put into the computer data base, getting all letters translated into English, and all changed to PDF files and sent out to every sponsor is a monumental task.

Liette is in charge of all the  sponsoring of students and does a fantastic job of keeping it all organized and running properly all year long for us here at HATS-Haiti and for the sponsors in North America.  A huge thank you to you Liette which is well deserved.

Last students to be done – preschool 1

Speaking of students being sponsored and sponsors being willing to help a student here receive an education, leads me to the fact that we do not have enough sponsors for the present school year 2015-2016.  We are in need of seventeen sponsors for our secondary students. Any one willing to help a student from grade 7 – 11 please get in touch with Liette Wilson at liette.hatshaiti@outlook.com.  The cost to sponsor a student in these grades is $420 per year.  As of January 1, 2016 a monthly payment option will be available for the payments of sponsoring fees.  A gift of education is a gift of hope to the students and to their families.

The new project for HATS-Haiti is to build an apartment on top of our multipurpose/devotional room so HATS  can be looking for more help.  Recruiting people to come long term to work with Karen and Luckner is an important project.  Thus we have asked all our teams for 2015-2016 to fund raise for this project.  Recently Luckner was standing on top of the devotion room, thinking, planning, and measuring for this apartment project.

We are hoping and praying for the funds for this project.  This is not a ‘want’ but a very real ‘need’ for the continuation of this mission.

Luckner thinking, planning, measuring for an apartment.

Today HATS was able to bless several people with a gift of a suitcase.  It is very difficult to find a dresser to hold clothes so a suitcase can be a useful gift.  Many thanks have been received for the suitcase gifts.  Luckner and I would like to pass the thank yous on to all who bring donations down in suitcases and then leave them here to be a blessing to people in our area.

Hold on Liette.  We are not going far

Thank you one and all for all you have done and continue to do for the work of the HATS-Haiti mission.  We solicit continued prayers for the ongoing work with the people of the Artibonite Valley where we are located.

Blessings everyone.


Sorry, no time to get the blog up on Wednesday so I’m writing the blog for yesterday today. Wednesday  was a holiday so all the kids were home from school, so much fun.  I had brought  coloring pages from Canada for the kids to do and they loved it, even JJ and Moise enjoyed coloring. After that all the kids just hung out until the birthday. We drew with chalk and played with rocks. I did not know that you could have so much fun with rocks but here the kids can have no toys at all and entertain themselves all day long.

Happy birthday to JJ, Moise and Karena. We were so excited to celebrate with them as they all turned a year older, JJ now 14, Moise 13 and Karena 7. We ate cake which little Sonson helped make and he was too cute doing it. He did not help too much with the baking part  but was great at licking the spoon and the bowl and anything else with chocolate on it!

Birthday trio – JJ, Moise, and Karena.

Then came the party! Mama Karen put  Sandra in charge so we sang happy birthday about a dozen times in three different languages. The three birthday kids all got their presents and Karena loved her set of plastic food and dishes. At first she was trying to find out why it looked like food but was inedible, then she got it and immediately filled the teapot for a party with all the kids. She also got a Barbie from her godmother Mariah. Karena thought it was the prettiest thing as she took it out right away and then put it away for safe keeping from the other kids.

Birthday party

Then of course JJ and Moise got toys and not just any toys, but motorized guys sitting on a quad and we had to call them back for the cake cause they were so engrossed in those things they were halfway down the long driveway. Cake was enjoyed by everyone with crumbs everywhere including on Magdala who was covered from head to toe and ended up licking her dress clean. While I was holding Markenson most of his cake ended up on me but he’s so cute I didn’t mind.

Heather has an armful

After all that we went to play soccer at the school. First with the little kids and the best part was watching Tifi get the ball and carry it closer to the goal so she could kick it. She was laughing  and had a giant smile on her face. She seemed truly happy. Then the big kids had a go and Vladimy was in goal on one side versus little Judel on the other. So for the first part Vladimy’s team was pretty far ahead but then Keith relieved Judel so he could play and it wasn’t long before Judel’s team won!

Soccer with older kids.

The best part of this game was Leica as she was trying to act so tough to get the ball from the boys but she ended up giggling and missing it all together. Her laugh is so contagious she can make anyone laugh! We had a full day as you can tell and so it ended with dinner then bed but not before we played a game of snakes and ladders, another gift Moise received for his birthday. Then finally a much needed shower.