We all slept in today! The first person up (on the team) was Ken about 5:45AM! We all dragged ourselves out with the last being up about 7:00AM (Dickie).There are no devotions on Saturday so we took our time with breakfast and then finally all departed to go our separate ways to work for the day. The workers were here to finish the driveway BUT the cement mixer gave out part way through the day and work stopped until Monday. It will be so nice when it is finished to the gate.

Work on driveway continues until mixer breaks

More painting for Cheryl, Lisa and Cathy and Ken joined them again today. Bob and Dave went for a stroll along the canal while waiting for wood for their projects, Jim was drilling holes in concrete and Dickie was once again on the water tower.

Have drill, will make holes

Some people came for their vaccines while Karen and Luckner were in a meeting so Don and I took on the job. Don did the talking and I did the vaccines. Don laughed and wondered if the man understood he couldn’t eat for an hour or had to wait until he came back in a week! He thought he had a better clarify it before the man left. A young girl came by to get her goat and she almost got vaccinated instead. Dave had been up to look after the goat in the morning, he water and fed it and it stopped baaing.

Girl picks up kabrit (goat)

Some Government Officials arrived from Gonaives and they had a meeting with Luckner and Karen here for a loooooong time.
Painters quit at 2 o’clock and we went and played with the kids in the school yard…soccer, baseball, parachute, Red Rover, London Bridges Falling Down and more and then had a treat and drink to refresh us. Shortly after we walked along the canal with 11 of the children.

Playing in the school yard

While we were playing with the kids Ken got a knock in the head from inside one of the water tanks and Dave had to patch him up.

”Five” men working (or looking) at water tank
Ken being treated after adjusting his head with pipe wrench

Ti Luc has entertained us for a couple of hours tonight and has just gone to bed. What fun we and he had! Karen is making something good for breakfast.

We are all very aware that our time is coming to a close and no one wants to talk about it. Tomorrow will be a slower day and then on Monday we will try to finish the most important jobs before we leave.

Have a good night.