We had a great early morning walk on Saturday with Keith taking us across the street and up the canal on a different route.  We walked for half an hour then crossed a bridge and returned on the opposite side.  It was very interesting.  Had a much slower day than usual but enjoyed it all.  Dickie said he did not earn his keep.

Early morning walk


Local traffic on our walk


out watering her goat

We had a very pleasant surprise late Saturday!  It started to rain and it rained all evening and into the night.  It cooled the air and made damp beds but we all slept well. We have not seen rain in January before.

Sunday we awoke to overcast skies and they stayed that way all day and we even got a sprinkle in the afternoon.  We Canadians love it but the Haitians are cold. The down side is that there is a full moon but we cannot enjoy that because of cloud cover.  Maybe tomorrow night we will get it.

Church attendance was down because of the weather…just like in Yarmouth when we get a snow storm. We had a rousing worship time anyway and a good message brought by Jim and translated by Karen.

Karen translates with 200 words for every 10 from Jim

Spent the afternoon playing games,doing puzzles and coloring with the littler ones and a little hockey and basketball with the bigger ones.

With cool damp weather the fleece hoodies became the required dress for hockey

Karen and Dickie went to Pierre Payan, took Daniel as security and it was smooth sailing.  Despite the election being called off for today there are still pockets of unrest and manifestations in the country.  None between here and Pierre Payan today.

Monday, early morning walk along the canal again and sun is shining brightly and things are back to normal!  Great day ahead!

Sunny skies are back|