Carnival in Haiti officially runs Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  Schools, businesses, government offices, etc are closed for carnival.  This is a time when Mama Karen spends extra time with her children.  We try to look at what is good about carnival and what happens that is not good or acceptable.  We listen to some carnival music that is clean and uplifting to Haiti generally.  We do not dance in the streets or enter into anything that we believe is not acceptable.  I take advantage of the carnival holiday period for a teaching time.

All schools have music and fun on the Friday before carnival.  This morning my kids were happy about being able to go to school without uniforms.  They first attended devotions with the rest of us at home after which Mama Karen, of course, had to take a photo of her cuties.

A cute bunch of kids in my opinion

At IMKH today we did not have classes.  All students came to school without uniforms.  The teachers in the younger grades had made a little mask or a party hat for their students,we had music playing, and people visited and had fun.

I can dance Mme Karen


Preschool dancers


Preschool cutie

During the festivities a masked man sauntered and danced slowly into the school yard.  He was quickly surrounded by a group of students who were fascinated,
wanted to know who he was, but were not willing to touch him.

Who in the world is this ugly man

After 30 minutes or so this man decided to remove the mask.  The students and teachers were amazed and thrilled to find out that it was Mme. Karen.  What fun.
They had known me only as the school administrator who was always checking on students and teachers alike.  They had only seen me as a straight laced person always trying to make sure things were running as they should.  (they obviously did not know the fun loving, game for anything, prankster, Karen.)   Teachers told Luckner that Mme Karen ‘made the ti fet today’.  They loved the fact that I did what I did.

Found this little guy sitting by music equipment

Must admit it was fun planning it and gathering up the clothes.  The mask came from Dickie MacDonald.  Thank you Dickie.  Had to call Rose Lore early this morning for a long sleeve shirt of Luckner’s.  Someone recently left a pair of men’s pants to be given away.  I used a pillow to give me a stomach and to fill the pants.  Did not want to lose them onroute.  Used new size 10 runners recently brought down for JJ.  Used Ti Luckner’s gloves Dickie had given him.  They did not have fingers so I taped all my fingers with black electrical tape.  All together it was a good disguise.  One little problem – The mask tended to move a little so I had to hold it sometimes.

Holding the mask in place so I could see

The students enjoyed the change in pace this morning from regular classes.  They were fed the regular school day meal with a bonus thrown in of a cold pop.

Cold drinks for everyone

There is a time for school classes, a time for teaching, a time for lessons, a time to be serious, but there is also a time to have fun. For me there is need of a time to let my hair down and let the fun Karen out of the cage. These times are few and far between here in Haiti. I must take advantage of them when they arise.

All students, including my children, had a fun morning. My kids thanked me for doing what I did and for surprising them along with the other children. I believe they need a well rounded education.


Blessings everyone