Today was another beautiful, sunny day in Deschapelles. The weather was warm – especially for the hardworking team members who are happy to be far from the snow in Calgary! Devotions with the staff was inspiring, although the english versions of the songs were significantly less exciting and peppy. The Creole versions of the songs were a lot more fun!

Today was painting, painting and more painting. The ceilings in the children’s home were finished in most rooms and two coats of paint were put on the walls of the main eating/living room. It is a beautiful light pink colour and looks great. Jan lived up to her name as Spider Lady again today, managing to coax a squealing Josiah to touch a nice big spider in the kids’s home.

Jan painting kids home
Barry and Roger
Jos, Jan and spider
Jos with spider

Today was also a day to get sponsor letters and photos done for all of the sponsor kids at the HATS school. It was a bit of a gong show when 25 grade one students showed up without a teacher to help them! Trying to keep them sitting still and help each of them fill in their sponsor letter was more than I, Liette, could handle. After that crew, I insisted that the teachers come along with the class to help out. Mariah was a big help in the school keeping watch over the children who are not in the sponsorship program, giving impromptu english classes to the kids.

We had a chance to take a quick trip up to the main town of Deschapelles to see the hospital and surrounding area. We plan another trip up tomorrow to see if the visitors can find some treasures to purchase and take home.

Penny in truck

This evening, we were a tired group. Karen goes all day, every day and so were were all happy to see her napping on the couch with Jan tonight at 8:30 pm. We hope to get her into bed soon for a good night’s sleep.

Finally Karen takes a break