Hot and hotter.  Humid and more humid.  Yikes.

It is 7:00 a.m. and my body is soaked.  My hair and clothes give the idea I showered after getting dressed.  The idea of feeling dry and comfortable for a few minutes today has gone out the window.

Our kids continue to enjoy being involved in our little Sunday morning service.  Sunday past saw Mirlande lead the service.  Ti Fi, who is enjoying being involved with things these days, decided to help Mirlande with the leading. That was beautiful to see.  Leica helped with the flannel graph for the story and some of the HATS kids sang for us.  A family affair.

TiFi helping Mirlande lead service
Leica & flannel board
HATS kids singing in church
Walking & carrying

Ti Luc has recovered from his raging fever of four days.  He is once again walking all over the house and trying to carry things as well. It is joy to my soul to see him not only walking but using his hands more as well.  He likes to walk and carry things.  If doing so he calls out to me  “Mama, gade m.”   “Mama, look at me.”   Typical kid, right!!!   Too, like any other kid he does not like to go to bed – never ever tired.  Yeah, right.!!   Since he has been my office assistant I think I’ve been allowing him to work like his mama – too late at night.

Ti Luc sound asleep

Someone asked me a few years ago if, in one sentence, I could give something about life in Haiti that stands out to me.   I responded with   “Hurry up and wait.”:

Still no # 10 roof blocks for the water tower to enable us to pour the cement roof.   ‘Hurry up and wait.’    We, however, have been promised to have some from an area around St. Marc by Friday.  Promises were made in the past so…

In the meantime work is progressing on the Children’s Home.  We have decided to give the children a lot more light and air flow.  They had been living in two much darkness for too long.   Instead of the special block windows for safety, that are used a lot here, we are putting screen with rebar outside.

Work continuing on Kid’s Home

Luckner was in touch with someone in this valley awhile back who makes windows like those in this house.  The person was supposed to come and give us a quote to do the windows in the new house.  Yeah, well, … ‘Hurry up and wait.’

I started this shortly before 7:00 this morning.  It has been a very busy day so now at 6:00 p.m. I am  just finishing it.   My body, hair and clothes are even wetter than this morning.  Is that possible??  Yes, indeed!   No point in showering yet.  Guess I will go and play with my kids for awhile and get even wetter.

Shorts are too big, Judel

Be blessed.

~Karen & kids