We are making progress in many areas just not finishing anything! I am starting to see how Karen feels when everyone comes at her every time she starts something. We are working on some plumbing, cabinets, running for stuff. Life in Haiti. Would not change it.

Well some things I would change like the last 28 hours in and out of the bathroom. I seem to have picked up a bug . But this afternoon I seem to be snapping out of it, keeping my fingers crossed.

Mike is a fisherman but takes orders well as a carpenter . I gave orders and he, Vlademy, Ti Luc and Leica took charge.

I got to relax to recoup off and on I could check to see how it was going and give other instructions. The kitchen cabinets for new house are coming together very well. The finish on new housing for support workers is going well it is looking sharp.

I drove to the hospital to pick up 3 ladies from Toronto they must have taken a wrong turn to land here. But we were glad to meet them and show them around the compound.

We went to see the kids at the school yesterday at mealtime. They are very much in line and respectful and appreciate the meal that is given to them never a word or whine. I can just see Canadian kids go through this (oh that again. )We are so fortunate and don’t know it. When I go home I was asked to speek in Truro at my 2 granddaughters’ school and there are so many things to say I don’t know where to start . You just want to tell them how spoiled they are but we are as much to blame.



Another day is drawing to a close here. The sun is gone down, the generator is on, and it’s still hot. Saw a baby tarantula today. Man he was cute. Think I might try and catch a few to take home and show the family. Yesterday was a full day. We went over to the school and saw the kids there in their uniforms and as Bob said they were all very polite and seemed very happy to be there. I got to fill in at the preschool for a couple of minutes and gave them their first offical English lesson. I was doing fine until I tried to be cool and sat on the edge of a desk which quickly began to fold up and I nearly ended up on my butt, And guess what . They all laughed at me. I never knew that preschoolers could be so mean. Fortunatly the teacher’s assistant rescued me.

I got to meet our sponcered student, Radmilla. She seemed very shy, and very precious. These kids really seem to appreciate everything and anything someone does for them. Someday we will find out just what a blessing we have when we are able to help others in whatever way.

We made another trip to St. Marc, and this time it was in record time. No market, and Bob was able to get the materials he was after with only a couple of stops. We took Ti Luc with us and my job was making sure he didn’t go to sleep. Got an F in that one, but I think he needed a short nap. He was pretty peppy after that and he got to surprise Papa Luckner who didn’t know he was coming. So let’s see. We got the plumbing for the bathroom and kitchen pretty much in place as far as it can go at present, and got a start on the cabinets. Afterwards I was crazy enough to try and kick a soccerball around a bit. Ti Luc lasted longer than I did. I ended up being the goalie because all they have to do is stand there. Ti Luc scored on me twice, but I did manage to stop a couple for a save percentage of 50%. I’ll take it. He kicked the ball twice in a row with no help. He’s just starting. He was feeling better yesterday, but his fever came back last night. Hopefully it will break soon.

Today I was at the compound all day and Bob and Karen only had to make a short jaunt to the hospital for the three ladies. Bob got some kind of bug yesterday as he said and had to take it easier today. Fortunatly it didn’t affect his brain, so he was able to keep all his helpers busy, and there were alot of helpers. Bob was using his brain, most of the rest of us were using our hands, but one guy was using his feet. All and all we were able to get some of it together. Got to spend some time with the kids before supper but no soccer tonight. Karen is still looking for a couple of clones but even if me and Bob had red wigs it wouldn’t work. Well almost time for the roosters and crickets.

God bless all.



The guys have done a great job again. My blogging work is easy with them here. I just take and add photos. This is good for me. I want to take a minute to thank Edith, Angie and Mandy for coming to visit today – all the way from big TO no less. It was nice to have them here and show them around. They were interested and truly caring about what was going on here.

I ask you to remember to pray please for all those living in tent cities in and around Port au Prince. It was raining hard recently. I can’t imagine how awful life is for them in the rain. It hurts to think of it. Dear God please keep them protected, dry, and provide toilet facilities, food, water, and medicine. They are desperately in need of help.